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Category:    Home > Reviews > Thriller > Drama > First Snow (2006/Thriller/DVD)

First Snow (Thriller/DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C-     Film: C+



Guy Pierce is one of the best actors around and is constantly interested in trying something different and new.  As a result, he has found himself in a series of independent productions (despite his star presence with its big commercial potential) that always have some potential, merit and a good performance by him.  Mark Fergus’ First Snow (2006) is such a project where his character finds himself stuck in a desert town getting his car repaired.


It gets worse when a psychic (J.K. Simmons from Oz and Spider-Man films) tells him he only has a few days to live, followed by an old unfriendly friend out of prison, looking for and searching for him.  Fergus and Mark Ostby co-wrote the screenplay which has some good moments and character development, but the payoff at the end has its problems and more could have been accomplished in its 102 minutes if they had not tried such a laidback approach.  Acting is good all around and Fergus can direct, but it is interesting enough to give it a look just for what does work.


The anamorphically enhanced 2.35 X 1 image may have weak detail and Video Black, but it is still better than the lame pan and scan alternative.  Director of Photography Eric Edwards does deliver a nice shoot with good compositions and other interesting choices, to the benefit of the film.  The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is better with good ambience when the surrounds are not active, which is a mixed bag in itself, while Cliff Martinez delivers a good score.  The only extras are previews for other Sony DVDs.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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