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Ironside – Season Two (Shout! Factory/DVD-Video)


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B



Enough of a hit with the first season, Shout! Factory continues to issue the hit TV series Ironside on DVD, with more great episodes from Season Two.  The episodes this time include:


1)     Shell Game (guest stars Charles Aidman, Sorrell Booke & Robert DoQui)

2)     Split Second To An Epitaph (Two parts; guest stars Joseph Cotton, Troy Donahue, Lorraine Gary, Margaret O’Brien and Andrew Prine)

3)     The Sacrifice (guest stars Ricardo Montalban)

4)     Robert Phillips vs. The Man (guest stars Diane Ladd & Paul Winfield)

5)     Desperate Encounter (guest stars Gene Raymond)

6)     I, The People (guest stars Julie Adams, Milton Berle & Abraham Sofaer)

7)     Price Tag Death (guest stars Ralph Meeker)

8)     An Obvious Case Of Guilt (guest stars Anne Baxter)

9)     Reprise

10)  The Macabre Mr. Micawber (guest stars Kathie Browne & Burgess Meredith)

11)  Side Pocket (guest stars Jack Albertson & Bob Hastings)

12)  Sergeant Mike (guest stars Bill Bixby, Robert Cornthwaite & Fred Williamson)

13)  In Search Of An Artist (guest stars Broderick Crawford & Lorraine Gary)

14)  Up, Down and Even (guest stars Richard Anderson, Edith Atwater & Alfred Ryder)

15)  Why The Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met On Thursday (guest stars Arthur O’Connell, Jessie Royce Landis & Barry Cahill)

16)  Rundown On A Bum Rap (guest stars James Gregory & Clifton James)

17)  The Prophecy (guest stars Martha Scott)

18)  A World Of Jackals (guest stars Dennis McCarthy)

19)  And Be My Love (guest stars Chad Everett and Keith Walker)

20)  Moonlight Means Money (guest stars Linden Chiles)

21)  A Drug On The Market (guest stars Fred Beir)

22)  Puzzlelock (guest stars Simon Oakland, Ned Glass & Barry Cahill)

23)  The Tormentor (guest stars Gary Collins & Mary Ann Mobley)

24)  A Matter Of Love & Death (guest stars Bettye Ackerman & Charlene Jones)

25)  Not With A Whimper, But A Bang (guest stars Edward Asner & Gerald S. O’Loughlin)



Before we continue, here is more on the show from the review of the first season:





Again, the set has not extras and the Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is the same, but sadly, the image quality is poorer, with detail issues throughout, motion blur that makes these look like old digital copies and not as engaging as the first set.  Why the quality drop?  Who knows, but it is not good, especially with 2 HD formats around.  Fans will be happy the shows are available, but these should look much better than they do, like the first set.  Oh, and they changed the theme song a bit.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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