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Classic Bolo Yeong Movies (BFS)


Picture: D/C-/C-     Sound: C     Extras: D     Films: C/C-/D



Bolo Yeong is a less known name in the Martial Arts films, but to fans, he is big time.  Especially if you have seen him, this is literally, as he was Arnold Schwarzenegger big before that was commonplace.  This collection of his films here are:


Chinese Hercules (1973) is one of the most brazen cinematic celebrations of people being beaten down you will ever see.  This would be flat-out sadistic if it were not so silly.  Yeong is a henchman villain, while the hero is the kind trying to hide his violent past, even to the point of stoning his own hands!  This is in addition to defenseless peasants being pushed around.  The result is not good, but fascinating to watch, especially in Yeong’s fight scenes.  The print is in really bad shape.


Tattoo Connection (1978) has Yeong again in a supporting role.  If Bruce Lee thought he was being short changed, imagine what Yeong and his fans must think.  He is just another shallow henchman here, a step backwards form the older film!  There is also a sense of buffoonery not in the last film, as bad as it got.  The Gangster angle is an even bigger joke.  The print is also not in good shape, but a touch better than Chinese Hercules by having some color that sometimes looks right.


Breathing Fire (1991) involves a bank robbery and a very, very bad Karate Kid without a brain subplot, but the karate bank robbery is a hoot and should have gone on longer.  It also tries to be every bad 1980s film a few years too late, with Yeong barely in it.  This is an all-time dog.  It was more excruciating by being recorded in Ultra Stereo than even monophonic sound in the respect that Ultra is a terribly distorted version of long-dated Dolby A-type analog.  Played back in regular stereo, Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, or DTS Neo: 6, it is a disaster!


As bad as these films, the DVD should have offered some featurette on Yeong, but all we get is limited bio/filmography text and both a glossary and “wisdom” on Martial Arts.  Only the absolutely biggest fans and most extraordinarily interested readers should see this one.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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