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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Mystery > Bubble (2005/Magnolia Blu-ray and HD-DVD)

Bubble (2005/Magnolia Blu-ray and HD-DVD)


Picture: A- ††††Sound: B-/B+* ††††Extras: B ††††Film: B



Out of all of the modern filmmakers who still manage to make commercial and critical successes, Steven Soderbergh is my favorite.He likes to stagger his artsy films in between a film money-making features and for every Oceans film he does there is a Solaris or even 2005ís Bubble.The guy takes chances, which in todayís movie-market seems to be an uncommon characteristic.So you might be wondering why you may not have heard of this film, well donít feel bad because I hadnít either, but was surprised to see it released on both Blu-ray and HD-DVD early on.


The premise is interesting and the execution of the material is very experimental and experiential, which both make for a unique experience overall and it takes a solid filmmaker like Soderbergh to execute such a film.The film is set in a decaying Midwestern town where a murder disrupts life for three doll-factory workers and a bizarre love-triangle/relationship that ensues.The result is highly interesting throughout, although sometimes off-beat and takes a certain amount of grace to stick with it during the duller moments.


The real highlight though of this release is the fantastic commentary provided by Soderbergh and accompanied by Mark Romanek, who has created some of the most memorable music videos of this generation for David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Jay-Z, and many others, but their banter back and forth on this commentary track is exceptional and a must-listen!!!Both HD-discs demonstrate a strong color palette with the 2.40 X 1 framed 1080p HD anamorphic image, which was also shot by Soderbergh and shows the muted color range that Soderbergh went for in creating a bland, yet amateur-like appearance, which works well for this type of experimental style.



*There is a slight difference in the audio between the HD and the Blu-ray disc as the HD-DVD contains a DTS-HD audio track, a Dolby Digital Plus, which is in a 3.0 configuration.The Blu-ray is strictly 3.0 Dolby Digital and DTS, and does not have quite the fidelity that the HD-DVD disc offers and is a bit disappointing in comparison.Therefore the HD-DVD deserves a higher rating of a B+, while the Blu-ray is more like a B-.



-†† Nate Goss


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