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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Fatal Contact – Two Disc Ultimate Edition (2006/DVD/aka Underground Fist/Dragon Dynasty)

Fatal Contact – Two Disc Ultimate Edition (2006/DVD/aka Underground Fist/Dragon Dynasty)


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C+     Film: C+



Though the current cycle of Martial Arts films is dead, DVD is trying to keep it alive to get any money from diehards fans and for newer releases along with classics, Dragon Dynasty (a division of The Weinstein Company) is continuing to do double sets of new titles they believe could reignite the genre on a broader scale.  The latest entry is Dennis Law’s Fatal Contact (2006) offering a little less comedy than many films since the post-Bruce Lee era have leaned too much on.


Jacky Wu Jing plays a dancer who gets pushed into one fight, though he does not think he could fight at all.  Soon however, push comes to shove… and kicks… and punches and before you know it, he turns into a world-class fighter (Sanda is the style here) and the film is on its way.  Criminal gangsters are involved and this all culminates into underground fights form hell.  Fun for fans, predictable for the rest of us, Jing proves he could be the next big star, but if Jet Li can’t get a good script, what will he and other up and comers do?  Who knows, but at least the fights are more interesting in their choreography than most of what we have seen lately and that might just be enough to keep fans happy.


The anamorphically enhanced 2.35 x 1 image is a little softer than expected, especially since this is not cheap Super 35mm shooting, but some to all of the film was shot in anamorphic 35mm.  With that said, color can be poor, have a funny look and seem second generation at times.  The DTS Cantonese 5.1 mix is not bad, better than the Dolby versions, but the dialogue is not as well recorded as it could or should be.  The English dub is not bad, but not as good as the original language tracks.


Extras include Bey Logan hosting an audio commentary with director Law on DVD 1, while DVD 2 adds three interview separate segments Law and co-stars Theresa Fu & Miki Young, the original theatrical trailer and two featurettes: A Dragon Rising on star Jing and Life Is A Contact Sport taking us behind the scenes of the film.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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