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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Superhero > Remake > Live Action > Underdog (2007 Live Action Feature/Blu-ray + DVD-Video/Disney)

Underdog (2007 Live Action Feature/Blu-ray + DVD-Video/Disney)


Picture: B+/B-     Sound: B+/B-     Extras: C     Film: C



Underdog was a 1964 classic animated series that chronicled the mishaps and misfortunes of a clumsy superhero dog.  Shoeshine boy by day, hero by night (sort of).  That is what Underdog WAS, now Underdog IS a bad live-action Disney Film (with a little CGI help) that stomps on our fond memories of a television classic.  Underdog’s original concept was to spoof superheroes, like Superman who had secret identities.  The 2007 film Underdog follows a disgraced police dog as he finds a new owner and new powers after a freak accident in the lab of the evil Barsinister.  Underdog causes Barsinister to be badly disfigured (bald) and he swears revenge on Capital City.  Underdog and his new boy owner set out to save the city and Underdog’s love interest Polly Purebred.  Will Underdog be the hero we want him to be or will the city fall victim to the evil Barsinister?


Look, the film was bad plain and simple.  Only two things were good about the film; one, Patrick Warburton was in the film as Barsinister’s henchman Cad and two, the original Underdog Theme music was used at least once in the film.  The original theme song was, however, also revamped into a horrible rap version as well *shudder*


If the studio was looking to do Underdog as a film right (which is hard to do to begin with) they should have either ‘A’ bad it all animated or ‘B’ made it live action with animation intermixed [i.e.- Underdog as a cartoon].  The original Underdog series intermixed humans and animals living together, if the studio would have done a more ‘Roger Rabbit’ take on the film it could have been much more successful.


On top of all the problems with the film, one of the biggest was that they did not make Underdog clumsy enough AT ALL.  He had troubles learning to use his powers, sure, but he was not the bumbling, loveable, goof the audience wanted to see.


The technical aspects of this single disc DVD are adequate, but are truly just your standard, no thrills release.  The picture is presented in both a clean and crisp 1.33 X 1 Full Screen and a 2.35 X 1 Widescreen that is enhanced for 16 X 9 televisions.  The colors are well balanced and there are little too no light/dark issues, the DVD version, however, does not compare to the Disney Blu-Ray release in 1080p with improved, yet flat results.  The sound is nice as it is presented in a Disney standard Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, but lacks that ‘pop’ that may have been heard on a DTS release or that can be heard in the PCM 24/48 5.1 version on the Blu-ray.  The extras are drab and forgettable with features such as deleted scenes, bloopers, ‘Underdog Raps’ *shudder again*, a featurette on how they get a dog to act, and the ONLY good extra an Underdog Original Cartoon ‘Safe Wait.’  The cartoon made the extras worth something, other than that, no thank you!


If you want to see Underdog, buy the old cartoon episodes.  If you want to see a computerized dog in a cape embarrass himself, watch this…whatever it is.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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