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U.K. Subs Ė Punk Can Take It


Picture: C+†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: C+†††† Film: B-



Julien Temple is still one of the most sought-after Rock filmmakers and enduring directors of Music Videos, but it all started for the writer/director on the clever film short Punk Can Take It (1979). The film starred the U.K. Subs, one of the premiere Punk bands from the original wave of the genre.The film only runs about 20 minutes, but it is remarkable, capturing the flavor of the time and movement like few other filmed documents.


The irony of this is that it is a fake documentary, though it only seems like a documentary at all thanks to the humorous voice-overs of John Snagge, a British gentleman who seems like an anachronism as compared to the activities happening in the actual film.He delivers his lines with a great timing that ups the humor even more than the well-written script would offer on its own.


Actual U.K. Subs concert footage is sandwiched between a series of vignettes that portray the Punk culture in believable terms, but are all staged.There are also intentionally funny moments, but they never become silly.They always retain their humor as they retain their tension.I have seen many of Templeís works and this is easily one of his masterworks.


The DVD offers a few minutes with lead singer Charlie Harper showing off some exceptionally interesting memorabilia on the band through the years and a photo gallery set to music, with the capacity for still framing.This is especially important because info for fans and on websites is offered.The main film and memorabilia sequence are in letterboxed at 1.78 X 1, but they both suffer from not being anamorphic.As for Punk Can Take It, the print is not bad, but it looks like a PAL transfer and is a touch soft.It will not be until a High Definition transfer from the original film elements that we will see this look like it did in theaters, yet the old British print has a certain charm about it and I like the animation that reminds me of Alan Parkerís film of Pink Floyd Ė The Wall, a full length feature film in much more of a need for a new DVD transfer than this disc.


The sound options are only Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, but thatís just fine for what is here.This is a limited DVD release, still, but there has to be more U.K. Subs materials out there for DVD.At least it is priced right.Punk Can Take It is worth taking home.



-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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