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Category:    Home > Reviews > Children > Puppets > Education > Sesame Street Old School – Volume Two/1974-1979 (Genius DVD)

Sesame Street Old School – Volume Two/1974-1979 (Genius DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B



Even the longest running children’s series of all time had a beginning and with Sesame Street Old School: Volume 2 (1974-1979) audiences everywhere get to tune into the classic charm that boosted this series to its place in television history.  The set has highs and lows, but overall is a nice set nevertheless.  It would be all too easy to demand full season sets of Sesame Street from the early days [like Saturday Night Live], but then people must think twice about the sheer number of episodes there have been, the editing/restoring job at hand, and the ‘rights’ to an array of features that would have to be looked into before any such set could be released.  Maybe one day when technology catches up with desire we may see every episode available to the general public; for now we will have to deal with the small tastes of classic Sesame Street we find on these Old School sets.


As any reader can tell from what is written above, the Old School releases are by no means complete sets, but rather more of a ‘best of’ set that offers fans premiere episodes from Seasons 6-10.  Along with the five individual, restored, and complete episodes there are 57 ‘bonus segments’ that no one should miss.  Whereas viewers may never see the complete series in nice volumized sets, at least we can look back on sunnier days with sets like Sesame Street Old School: Volume 2.


As stated there are several fully restored episodes and a plethora of individual, classic segments.  This reviewer fully enjoyed each episode presented as well as the over abundance of individual Sesame Segments found on each disc; they were entertaining, nostalgic, and funnier than this reviewer ever remembered.  The set features an array of almost forgotten classic characters and songs like ‘Telephone Rock!’ and ‘What’s the Name of That Song?’  Watch excitedly as Woof-Woof turns into Barkley and be happy that Elmo is nowhere to be found; Volume 2 surely surpasses the content of Volume 1 and fans will not be disappointed.  To this reviewer the best feature of all, THE FIRST EPISODE OF SESAME STREET EVER!  The original Pilot had never been broadcast and trust me, it is not the Sesame Street you remember.  The pilot is trippy, gritty, and puts a slight spin on the characters the audience could never even dream of; all in all it is very neat to watch and that might even be Luther Vandross as one of the singers in a Gospel/Pop group intended as a staple of the series that never happened.  It is amazing how much Muppets love disco.  Viewers may only get one restored episode from each season, but it is cool to watch the series evolve if nothing else.


The technical features on this classic television set are very nice, especially for the episodes age.  The picture is presented in a simple, yet clean 1.33 X 1 aspect ratio that is in line with the original airings.  There are times where the episodes seem to have less than brilliant colors, but for their age they are still adequate.  Several of the classic premiere episodes from Seasons 6-10 have actually been restored and this reviewer is sure that it is the best they have looked in a long time.  The sound is adequate in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo and only has moments of muffled or distorted sound.  The extras are not really a category on their own, but rather are infused within the 57 additional segments; so overall nice.


Sesame Street changed the world and now here is your chance to see how.  With discussions on diversity, social change, math, the alphabet, and everything in between Sesame Street was surely groundbreaking.  This 1974-1979 span presented on this set is prefaced by many saying ‘this may not be suitable for children,’ well poppycock to that!  This is a brilliant set that is fun and educational for any age group; from 2 too 102 Sesame Street lives in the hearts of every man, woman, and child.  The way to get to Sesame Street?  Well on DVD of course.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


 Copyright © MMIII through MMX fulvuedrive-in.com

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