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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Horror > Adventure > Vampires > Blood +: Volume One + Blood + DVD Box Set (2005/Sony)

Blood +: Volume One + Blood + DVD Box Set (2005/Sony)


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: A



Saya Otonashi having amnesia only remembers the last year of life. But all her life she has been watched by those who pray in the night.  Haunted not only by her past, but her dreams are filled with violence and blood... but as her past catches up with her she is thrown into the world of Chiropterans, shape shifting creatures who pray on human blood.  These Chiropterans threatening not only her and her family but humanity itself!  But within Saya lies the key stopping the Chiropterans, her blood, that for some reason her blood can kill these creatures.

As Saya fights she meets mysterious Hagi, she only knows that he knows something of her past and that he is sworn to protect her.  She is then recruited by the organization "The Red Shield" a group of humans traveling the world fighting the Chiropterans.  But as she fights she remember the secrets of her past, is she even human herself?  A battle goes only in the field but in her heart as well, between the vampires claim to be her kin and those humans she protects.  Is she being misled?  Is she being used?  What is the truth?  As Saya goes deeper she finds the struggle between human and vampire goes back hundreds of years... but how can she have these memories?  Can she accept the truth when she finds it?

Inspired from the hit anime movie and manga, Blood: The Last Vampire (reviewed elsewhere on this site,) Blood + is a modern day Vampire story that tells a story between the human race and the vampires.  Both the 1.33 X 1 picture quality (made this way despite being produced in 2005) and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mixes are good and the action sequences/sword fights are excellent, scenes are choreographed like The Matrix.  The story is interesting Saya the main character IS a vampire herself, but instead of preying on humans she protects them.  As they travel over the world they take different mythos from different culture of the vampire and monsters that prey on the blood of mankind stemmed from one source.  Throughout the series Saya meets other vampires who question her reasons for fighting and tells her she is fighting her own race.  And they try to convince her that vampires have the right to exist and the humans are using her, and instead of protecting the human race they should be ruling them.
This is a good Animé for those who like sword-wielding vampires, a unique story on the origins of vampires with high definition action anime.  Each DVD is loaded with five episodes and Blood + is an extra long series with 50 episodes total.  Plus if you get the starter box set you get not only a cool box, but 5 DVDs with the first 25 episodes, a bonus DVD with interviews with the creators of Blood +, as well as an exclusive T-shirt and manga sampler.  Definitely a worthwhile buy with just all the extras alone!

Episode 1: First Kiss

Saya is unable to remember over the past year, she lives happily with her adoptive family, George, Kai and Riku. But suddenly her she is attacked at school at night by a 'Chiropteran', Hagi, a mysterious cellist comes to her aid.

Episode 2: Magic Words

Kai comes to pick up at school but finds an unconscious Saya who is frighten when she is discovered covered with blood while holding a sword and wonders what is happening to her.

Episode 3: The Place Where It All Started

Saya meets David a Red Shield Agent and is told that she is needed fight these 'Chiropteran' and is confused.  Meanwhile they get an unexpected visit from George's old friend, Forrest.

Episode 4: Dangerous Boy

George is serious wounded, Kai goes off in a rage to seek out who did it, but Saya must confront the Chiropteran before it is too late.

Episode 5: Beyond the Dark Forest

George is abducted by the U.S. military for research, Saya, David and Kai decides to go rescue him.

Episode 6: My Father's Hands

Saya and company infiltrate the military research base to save George, only to be surrounded by Chiropterans.

Episode 7: I Must Do It

Shocked by the death of George, Saya is haunted by dreams of her pasted and decides to try and recover her memories and her past.

Episode 8: Phantom of the School

Saya infiltrates a Vietnamese girl's private school in attempts to find a clue where find who is making these Chiropterans, but then is confronted by a mysterious figure with a blue rose.

Episode 9: Rainbow for Each

As Kai and Riku search for the whereabouts of Saya they come across an orphanage. Meanwhile the Red Shield find a mysterious string of missing girls, oddly enough they all resemble Saya.

Episode 10: I Want to See You

Saya is giving a blue rose by the phantom and as investigates deeper she discovers hidden secret area of the school.

Episode 11: After the Dance

With the up coming dance David takes the chance to investigate a mysterious container that Saya discovered.  Meanwhile Saya meets the CEO of the Cinq Fleches Group, Solomon Goldsmith.

Episode 12: Lured By the White Forrest

Kai and Riki have been kidnapped.  Chasing after the container containing 'Diva', Saya enters the jungle and is suddenly surround by Chiropteran children.

Episode 13: Jungle Paradise

Trapped in a mansion with Chiropteran all around them Saya loses herself and goes berserk.

Episode 14: The Last Sunday

After a blood battle Saya, Kai and Riku return home to Japan for a brief rest.

Episode 15: I Want to Pursue

Intrigued by the mysterious string of murders a reporter chases after Saya, but not without someone else tagging along.

Episode 16: Siberian Express

Seeking a scientist associated with Delta-67, Saya and company board the Trans-Siberia Express, which is suddenly attacked!

Episode 17: Do You Remember the Promise?

After being thrown off the Train in battle with Hagi, Saya remembers a past that she shared with Hagi.

Episode 18: Moon Over Ekaterinburg

While chasing down the scientist who created Delta-67, David and the others discover a secret in an abandoned nuclear facility.

Episode 19: Broken Heart

The group is forced to stop after Riku comes down with a fever, meanwhile Liza questions Saya the evolutionary nature of both human and vampires and invites Saya to see the truth at 'The Zoo'.

Episode 20: Chevalier

Kai discovers some shocking truth through a document call 'Joel's Diary'. As Saya journeys with Hagi to 'The Zoo', the Chevaliers gather and plan for Diva and Saya.

Episode 21: Sour Grapes

As the groups head toward France after Saya and company, Saya and Hagi are attacked by the mysterious group, Schiff.

Episode 22: The Zoo

Saya and Hagi reaches 'The Zoo', Saya recalls her past and her first memories with how she met Hagi.

Episode 23: Two Chevaliers

Solomon confronts Saya, unlike the other Chevaliers he doesn't wish to destroy her and explains her past and tells her that the humans are using her and offers for her to join them.

Episode 24: Airy Singing Voice

Saya and Riku lured by Diva's song head for the tower of Soya’s past, as Saya recalls the tragedy that happened so many years ago.

Episode 25: The Red Shield

With Riku mortally wounded, Saya saves his life by transfusing her blood, Saya wonders was that right and finds new resolve to fight.



Now that’s a series!



-   Ricky Chiang


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