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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Comedy > Martial Arts > Pucca - Ninjas Love Noodles + Pucca - Kung Fu Kisses (Shout! Factory DVDs)

Pucca - Ninjas Love Noodles + Pucca - Kung Fu Kisses (Shout! Factory DVDs)

Picture: B     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: A



Welcome to the Village of Sooga, in it there are not only villagers, but chefs, ninjas, martial artists and a girl Pucca who has great strength and Garu a quiet boy who wishes to become a true ninja.  Pucca living with her 3 Chef Uncles she helps run the Go-Rong Restaurant every day, service is not only fast, but also action and comedy, as well as the noodles.  Each day Pucca serves noodles, stops evil ninjas, and tries to catch Garu's heart, what will it be?
This is a comical animation with cute SD characters and martial arts mayhem. With the theme of ninjas and Asian traditions, anything can happen from flying ninjas to food fights.  Even though the series has a lot of fights, martial arts and action it is entertaining and funny to watch these characters go at each other, it also has its heart warming and heartfelt moments as well.  I enjoyed the characters and numerous situations they are placed in.  The romance between the main characters Pucca and Garu are always comical, Pucca want Garu, Garu just wants a piece of mind to become a ninja.
All of this reminds me of Looney Tunes where comedy is fast and laughable.  Each episode is about 5-7 minutes long and even thought there is no over all plot it was still very enjoyable to just watch.  With combined themes of ninjas, traditional Asian culture and modern pop culture it is a great combination for instant comedy.  Its style of drawing is unique and cute, well suited kids and anyone who likes ninjas. It is one of series once you start, you don't want to stop until you reach the end.
Both have 1.33 X 1 color picture and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound that plays fine.  A bonus item for this first DVD is a Sooga Village ninja license.
1) Noodle Round The World
To help make the longest noodle in the world, Garu takes a trip around the world.
2) Misplaced Face
Abyo loses his face, literally.  It's up to Pucca and friends to help him get it back.
3) Noodle To The Stars
Pucca and company goes on a space adventure.
4) And The Band Played Rong
It's the battle of the bands... or is it ninjas?
5) The Shirtless Avenger
Abyo becomes 'Shirtless Avenger', here come the hero?
6) Four Alarm Fire
Red hot Dragon peppers so hot it sets the village on fire.
7) Sooga Size Me
A fast food place challenges the Go-Rong Restaurant, what is Pucca to do?
8) Ninjitsu for Dummies
Pucca's personal book is mistaken for ninja master's manual, with disastrous results.
9) Tobe's Nighttime Troubles
Tobe's tries to deprive Garu of sleep before tomorrow's fight, but Pucca is there...
10) Chef Slump
Pucca's 3 Chef uncles feeling their skills are lacking, goes on a training mission to regain their honor.
11) Ninja License
Garu goes in to test for a ninja license, but can he pass when Tobe is the inspector?
12) Woolen Warrior
Garu takes the journey to become a better ninja, armed with Pucca's sweater.
13) Feud Fight
Pucca's Uncles have a spat and splits up the Go-Rong Restaurant, but what is the village to do without noodles?



For the second release, a bonus item for this DVD is a cute sticker with Pucca and Garu.  Episodes include:


1) Dance Pucca Dance
The Sooga Village has a costume dance, guess who Pucca wants as a date?
2) Scenes From A Maul
Pucca and friends go to the night market, there they find wedding dresses, cake and ninjas.
3) Dream On
Pucca jumps into Tobe's dream world.
4) A Better Boyfriend
Ching tries to get the attention of Abyo, whom is obsessed with martial arts.
5) The Ring Ring Touch
Ring Ring upset about Pucca getting the spotlight tries to foul things up only for things to back fire, for her.
6) Matinee Mayhem
Pucca and Garu go out to the movies, Pucca want to watch a romance flick and Garu wants to watch an action flick, who will win?
7) Slam Bam Birthday Bash
The village is trying to set up a surprise birthday party for Pucca; it is up to Garu to keep her distracted long enough for them to set things up.
8) Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas
Pucca digs deep to find a Wild West version of the Sooga Village.
9) Evil Love
Tobe is struck by cupid's arrow by accident; watch out for ninja's in love.
10) Soap Opera
Dada finds a Soap genie to help him get a girl, only if he stays clean.
11) Prince Not So Charming
A rich celebrity falls for Pucca, but can he win her heart?
12) A Leg Up
Garu breaks his leg, guess who gets to play his nurse?
13) Little Miss Sooga
Ring Ring and Pucca battle it out in a beauty contest.



-   Ricky Chiang


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