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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Teens > Square Pegs: The Like, Totally Complete Series…Totally (Sony DVD)

Square Pegs: The Like, Totally Complete Series…Totally (Sony DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: C+



Debuting in September of 1982, Square Pegs totally only lasted one season, but a lot of people totally have fond memories of the cliquey, yet comically realistic teen series.  The series stars Patty (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Lauren (Amy Linker) as two best friends who are trying to make a name for them selves in high school, even if it kills them.  The girls early on set out on a mission to become popular, by working with the knowledge that everything is based on cliques.  At Weemawee High School Lauren and Patty befriend the resident oddballs Marshall and Jonny Slash. Don’t these girls know anything, you can’t befriend the weird ones…you wait til they make money and marry them later, like total duh.  The popular valley girl Jennifer (Tracy Nelson) and her greaser boyfriend Vinnie (Jon Caliri) are the people Lauren and Patty wish to impress most, but it seems the girls ‘normalcy’ always gets in the way of them getting to the supreme popular level they desire.


The series is fun and does hit the nail on the head with some of the teen drama that the series focuses on.  The show is never fully serious, which is good because it manages to give off a sense of realism without forgetting the target teen audience with its 80’s brand of adolescent comedy.  Many people are wondering if the music is intact on this set after so many other DVD releases have managed to ruin the original experience due to the cost of music rights.  As far as this reviewer can tell, most if not all of the music of Square Pegs is intact.  The beginning sequence still uses the Waitresses theme song and Devo even makes a radical appearance on the series.  So let’s say thanks to Sony for not ruining the memories!


The best part of Square Pegs could very well be the theme song, written and performed by the Waitresses.  The Waitresses are probably best known for their big hits ‘I Know What Boys Like’ and ‘Christmas Wrapping,’ which due to its very Blondie-like sound is often mistaken as Debbie Harry.  This reviewer does not exactly love Square Pegs, but he does not hate it either.  The series did not age well, but either did Sarah Jessica Parker.  Joking aside the series if nothing else has great nostalgia factor and for children of the 1980’s this DVD release will bring back some fond memories.  Will the children of the Generation X crowd love the series?  Probably not, but they totally wouldn’t get it anyway…like total duh!


The technical features on the 3-disc set are by no means fantastic and are essential are as basic as you can get.  The picture is presented in an unrestored 1.33 X 1 full screen that often times feels like an analog VHS with its soft image, lackluster colors, and washed appearance.  The sound is also totally forgettable in its Dolby Digital Mono track that is soft and at times even distant sounding.  The extras forgettable offering a brief interview session with cast and crew (including Sarah Jessica Parker) in the featurette Weemawee Yearbook Memories.  Also oddly offered as an extra are two ‘minisodes’ from the Facts of Life and Silver Spoons, that this reviewer just did not see the point in including.


The eighties may be dead, but some find the decade still totally awesome and sometimes a nostalgia trip isn’t so bad.  So join Sarah Jessica Parker way back when sex and the city were still two things she had never been to yet.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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