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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Sketches > Satire > The Passion Of Greg The Bunny: Best Of The Film Parodies Volume Two (The IFC Original Series/Genius DVD)

The Passion Of Greg The Bunny: Best Of The Film Parodies Volume Two (The IFC Original Series/Genius DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: A-     Episodes: B



The puppet void in your life will be filled with felt and buttons once again as Greg the Bunny returns for round two with The Passion of Greg the Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies Volume 2.  The series returns to DVD once more with the same hilarious format of committing sins of puppet satire.  The films under puppet scrutiny this time around are not necessary the world’s best films, but completely parody worthy.



The sex, drug and violence crazed puppets manage to stuff a ton of hilarious content into just a few parodies.  The parodies on this release include:


Wumpus the Monster (Monster)


A very funny parody starring Wumpus that explores why no one wants to work with monsters.  The Patty Jenkins sketch is executed very well, but the best part of the episode occurs at the beginning where the crew is just finishing up a Clockwork Orange sketch that this reviewer can only imagine would be more than amazing to see in its full glory.  Wumpus dressed as a droog is just amazing.



Sockville (Dogville)


Greg gets injured on set and in a chalkboard set world and somehow manages to get himself into a sexually oppressive situation in his strange dream world.  The exploration of Lars Von Trier’s work is actually done quite well and funny at that.



Blue Velveteen (Blue Velvet)


Another sexually graphic puppet satire occurs with the parody of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, with Warren ‘the monkey’ uncannily doing a good job playing Dennis Hopper’s part.  Some of the scenes in this parody even made this reviewer want to ‘spit out his water.’  Let’s just say this blue velvet is not so soft.


Side Note: The crew is finishing up a Dune sketch at the beginning of this parody; this reviewer is more than sure a Dune parody would be simply amazing.



Plush Behind the Seams (VH1’s Behind the Music)


Though this parody has been done a million times before by series such as The Simpsons and Family Guy; Greg the Bunny puts an intelligent, yet grotesque spin on an over used concept that makes it seem fresh.  The parody airs out the dirty laundry of Greg and Warren’s once popular 80’s band, Plush, as they attempt to make a new album.  A special guest arrives in the form of Skuzz, who Warren carelessly and seemingly unregretfully paralyzed.  Hilarious.



Wacky Wednesday (Freaky Friday)


Greg and Warren switch bodies in the classic (and maybe overused) plot.  The parody ends in side-splitting consequences where Warren is trying to land Greg a Cadbury Egg commercial and Greg is trying to keep Warren out of jail as he testifies in court; neither of whom are doing a very good job.



The Passion of the Easter Bunny – Fabricated American Movie (Passion of the Christ/American Movie)


In probably the best Greg the Bunny parody to date, Greg, inspired by Mel Gibson, decides to make his own religious film of the life, crucifixion, resurrection, and abduction of the Easter Bunny (yes, I said Easter Bunny).  The parody is just pure chaos and hysteria as it concurrently is parodying Mark Borchardt’s American Movie, who arrives on set along with Mike Schank to help Greg make the supposedly inspirational film.  The parody is pure blasphemy and does it well.  Even the big JC might have a laugh at this one.



As an overall evaluation of this set, this reviewer would have to call it an amazing venture in puppet pandemonium.  The creators’ ability to intermix the completely inappropriate with an intelligent level of film satire is admirable and insanely amusing.


The content remains impressive on this second Greg the Bunny set even though the material has been cut down by more than half, now only being 6 episodes on a single disc, but the length has remained the same at 200 minutes; the episodes are just longer now.   The picture was once again shot in High Definition and remains presented in a 1.78 X 1 Anamorphic Widescreen.  The picture is bright, clean and crisp throughout with little to no issues, but would look better on Blu-Ray.  The sound is presented in a Dolby Digital format that adds nothing too exciting to the presentation, but gets the job done.  


The extras once again impressive offering fans of the series a puppety plethora of fun.  The special features amazingly include such gems as commentaries by the series creators, a hilarious and sexually charged Gag Reel, a photo gallery, Deleted Scenes and Outtakes, Greg and Warren’s first music video (a throwback to the ‘Plush: Behind the Seams’ sketch), an uncut version of ‘Supper with Friends,’ a Greg the Bunny reunion special, a behind the scenes with Greg the Bunny featurette, and best of all a look back at the beginning of Greg the Bunny with ‘Never Before Seen Clips from Greg the Bunny’s Early Days on Public Access TV.’  The look back at the start of Greg the Bunny as he trolls the streets of NYC and interacting with the public is pure fun with hysterical consequences.  It just seems impressive to this reviewer that in an age when the studios skimp on DVD extras and release ‘special editions’ that are still not so special, a nice and small release like Greg the Bunny is overflowing with extras.


Greg the Bunny is a great series that this reviewer truly enjoys.  The parodies are just as good as the ones found on Volume 1 (reviewed elsewhere on this site) and in some cases even better.  The series is definitely meant for film buffs and a more mature audience.  As this reviewer has said in the past, Greg, Warren, and the rest of the crew may seem like cute, lovable, furred creatures, but they drink and swear enough to make a sailor blush.  The parody infused episodes are full of quick movie and director references that if you blink you may miss; so the series has a great rewatchable quality to it that could stump even hardcore film addicts.  They may not be the Muppets, but this button eyed crew could drink the Jim Henson lot under the table (sorry Fozzy).



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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