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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Urban > Drama > Comedy > African American > Political > Hip Hop > The Boondocks – The Complete Second Season (Sony DVD)

The Boondocks – The Complete Second Season (Sony DVD)


Picture: B     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B



Controversy seems to follow the Boondocks where ever it goes and what ever form it is in; and for good reason.  The brilliantly crafted animated series originally started as a brilliantly crafted comic strip that garnered just as much controversy today as the day it came out.  The First Season of the series was nicely reviewed a long while on this site, but managed to do a solid job of giving a generalized plot synopsis that this reviewer will refer readers back to:





Knowing a little background on the series, not much has changed.  The Liberally minded youngsters, Huey and Riley, continue to spread havoc throughout their community in their own destructive yet inspirational manner.  Granddad is still fighting for his peace and quiet as he attempts to drift into retirement.  And Uncle Ruckus is still the same old black hater he always was.


It has been way too long since the world has seen a Boondocks DVD release (almost 2 years to be exact) and the Season 2 release in no way will disappoint long time fans.  The series returns to DVD as watchable as ever with its brilliant use of edgy dialogue, odd situations, politics, eye catching animation, and so much more.  The 15 outstanding episodes definitely kick it up a notch from Season One (which seemed hard to do) and it is nice to see the ‘banned episodes’ resurfacing on this DVD set.  This reviewer is still trying to figure out why the episodes were banned?


The episodes on this season set are as follows:


  • …Or Die Trying
  • Tom, Sarah and Usher
  • Thank You For Not Snitching
  • Stinkmeaner Strikes Back
  • The Story of Thugnificent
  • The Hunger Strike*
  • Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch
  • Shinin
  • Ballin’!
  • Invasion of the Katrinians
  • The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show*
    • One of the funniest episodes to date that concurrently addresses a lot of deep rooted issues on race.
  • Home Alone
  • The S-Word
  • The Story of Catcher Freeman
  • The Story of Gangstalicious, Part 2


* = ‘Banned Episode’



The technical features on this Second Season release are well put together and do the series justice.  The picture is once again presented in 1.78 X 1 Anamorphically Enhanced Widescreen that leans toward the autumn color scheme, but this reviewer feels that is fully intentional.  The picture remains crisp and clear throughout, presenting an image that many animated series have yet to achieve on DVD.  This reviewer looks forward to Blu-ray transfers.  The sound is presented in a nice Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo with solid Pro Logic surrounds that do an adequate job presenting the series, but by no means is anything special.  The series is heavy on the dialogue and minimal on the action, so mostly presenting from the front is not an issue; but for a series that also utilizes a good deal of music a more dynamic sound would have been very beneficial.  Overall, the entire series presents like a smooth jazz composition that has an infusion of hip-hop, urban style that stimulates the mind and eyes; overall, admirable.



The extras are also well presented and plentiful.  They include:


  • Behind the Boondocks (approximately 17 minutes)

A deeper and different look into the series than was seen for Season 1; looking more into the production, series mythology, and voice work.

  • Introduction to ‘The Hunger Strike’

Intro to one of the Banned Episodes

  • Introduction to the ‘Uncle Ruckus Reality Show’

Intro to one of the Banned Episodes

  • Audio Commentaries

Creator Aaron McGruder and some of the producers show up to give commentaries on 4 different episodes (2 of which were banned episodes).  There is joking around and good spirits all around, with much of the discussion centering on the legal woes of the banned episodes, but none of the commentaries are too detailed and feel very much like standard DVD tracks.

  • Trouble in Woodcrest?

A funny look into how the voice actors have some friendly rivalries around the set.

  • What Niggas?

A funny compilation of all of the voice actors saying the infamous ‘N-word’ around the set. *Gasp*

  • The Cast: Regina King, John Witherspoon, Cedric Yarbrough, Gary Anthony Williams, Jill Talley, Gabby Soleil
  • Minisodes

Once again Sony oddly includes some mini episodes of other catalog series such as Spiderman and Married with Children.  An odd choice and an obvious promotional stunt.



This reviewer highly recommends the series and can honestly say that it is one of the best animated series on television today.  It hits hard and strong with its use of solid animation and controversial issues, but at the same time keeps the audience intrigued and laughing with its use of intelligent comedy.  An uncompromising series that pushes all the right buttons.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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