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Category:    Home > Reviews > Mystery > British TV > A Touch Of Frost: Season Thirteen (2006/MPI DVD)

A Touch Of Frost: Season Thirteen (2006/MPI DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C-     Extras: D     Episodes: D



What is it about British television that they always have such dull, dreary color schemes?  A Touch of Frost just may be the most British show I've ever seen that didn't involve cricket or a man in a top hat and monocle.  Centered around Detective Inspector Jack Frost, a police officer in a small town in England, the dialogue abounds with “Gov'nah”s and that delightful accent that you always tried and failed to imitate.  This is Season 13, originally aired in 2006, but the series has been on since 1992.  I must admit I was a bit confused when I received the box that said Season 13, but it only appeared to have one episode in it.


Turns out, there's only one episode in Season 13.  Looking at the episode listings on another site, the number of episodes per season increased little by little until it peaked in the fourth season at 5 episodes, and then dropped off again so that by Season 13, there is only one episode.  


But apparently since there is only the one episode, the producers decided to get more bang for their buck (or pound) and they went ahead and made the episode an hour and a half long.  So basically what we have here is a movie masquerading as a season of a television series.  At an hour and a half though, this super-episode as we may call it, drags a bit.  It follows two cases along with the personal lives of Inspector Detective Frost and his young roommate.  It really seems like it would have fit more conveniently into an hour-long episode.


The picture is in full screen format and surprisingly sharp, despite the ultra-drab colors. The stereo sound is adequate but perhaps lacking in background noise. There are no extras, chapter menus, or even subtitles in any language other than English.


All in all, about the only thing that this release is lacking in is runtime, and about an hour into the single episode, you may wish it were.


We have covered the early years where the show was in full swing and better, so if you are interested in those sets, try these links:






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-   Matthew Carrick


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