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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Teens > Heathers Ė 20th Anniversary Edition (Anchor Bay DVD)

Heathers Ė 20th Anniversary Edition (Anchor Bay DVD)


Picture: B-††† Sound: B-††† Extras: A-†††† Film: B+



There are very few films that act as true commentary to the 1980ís, one of the more superior films that came from that era was Martha Coolidgeís Real Genius (1985).That film could not have been any more direct in itís feelings towards the Reagan Administration in general, but disguised itself brilliantly as a teen comedy.To this day it remains one of the smartest films of the 1980ís.Similarly in the later part of the decade another film arrived that few people Ďgotí because of itís over-the-top approach to not only making fun of High School nuances, but Heathers remains a cult film that over the course of time has only appreciated in value.


The real value in Michael Lehmannís film though is its guts!Over the past 20+ years Hollywood has become less gutsy and attempting to me more artsy, yet apologetic too.This film never eases up and to a fault goes a little too far with itís scathing analysis of High School life, but itís not just a film about school, itís only a microcosm of the world in general and the film remains playful even with itís exaggerated moments.The front of the package makes the claim that without this film there wouldnít be Jawbreakers, Mean Girls, or Juno, which personally I donít know if that is such a bad thing.The problem with this comparison is that this film is smarter than those three films combined and more importantly is never too smart for its own good.†† It also helped launch the careers of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, but itís easy to see how this new edition is an attempt to find a new audience among the younger crowd.


Years ago Anchor Bay issued the film in a limited edition tin, which also included a few other perks like a yearbook filled with photos and such, but also featured with the film with loads of extras, which are all present on this new edition of the film, but here we also get a new featurette/documentary that adds to the fun. Those other extras include commentary by the director, producer, and writer plus 2 featurettes, which are really well-done and the DVD-ROM includes the original screen play, which is worth a look.


The 1.85 X 1 anamorphically-enhanced image looks like itís recycled from the previous release and the same goes for the standard Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, which both are adequate, but wonít get confused for reference quality anytime soon, but get the job done for now until the HD release comes via Blu-ray.



-†† Nate Goss


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