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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Supernatural > Ghosts > Shutter - Unrated (2008/Blu-ray/20th Century Fox)

Shutter - Unrated (2008/Blu-ray/20th Century Fox)


Picture: B+†† Sound: A- ††††Extras: B+ ††††Film: C-



We certainly are covering lots of films here at this site and we never seem to be in shortage of films that have been re-made based on an Asian horror film, the trend continues with 2008ís film Shutter, which is a remake from a 2004 Hong Kong film.This time around the film centers primarily around photography and tries to bring about elements that happened to also be at the center of a terrific documentary and a must-see for horror-genre fans called The American Nightmare (2000), which we covered years ago here:





Unfortunately the film ends up being a mess and canít quite muster out the concept fully without being too silly and its PG-13 rating (although unrated in this edition) just doesnít cut it as it seems watered down and flat.You can see that this edition adds a few moments here and there to stretch it above the PG-13 rating.Even young talents like Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor canít seem to act their way out of this one as they play a newly married couple who find ghostly images in a recently developed roll that exposes a horrible tragedy.The rest of the film is dedicated to them trying to piece together the puzzle to which most of would rather them just leave things be.


For this Blu-ray release the film is presented in a 1080p High Definition transfer framed at 1.85 X 1 and looks good and gives the films creepy and gutted color palette a suitable tone without looking too faded or washed out like standard definition DVD often did.Instead black levels look deep and dark as they appropriately should and grain is highly subtle with colors being balanced as well.Sonically the film is also a success with a truly great DTS-HD 5.1 mix that does give the film some boost and will explore the best in most 5.1 systems.Despite the films powerful audio/visual performance it doesnít make up for a super-thin plot and poor execution.


Since this is a 50GB disc there are tons of extras that include a commentary track, featurette, director featurette, a Luke Dawson featurette, a spirit photography featurette and videos, alternate scenes, deleted scenes, alternate ending.Itís fair to say that extras are abundant on this one!



-†† Nate Goss


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