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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Animation > TV > The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season + Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season + Legion of Superheroes: Volume 3 (Warner Bros./DC Comics DVD)

The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season + Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season + Legion of Superheroes: Volume 3 (Warner Bros./DC Comics DVD)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: C+/C+/D†††† Episodes: B-/B-/C+



It seems that just as Teen Titans and The Batman got to where they needed to be the series ended.Both of the WB/DC ventures have been an evolving process over the past 5 seasons and at first this reviewer did not much appreciate or see the appeal of either series.


The Batman really did standout on its own from the beginning and took the Batman character in a direction and style that had never been done before.There were hints of certain films, comics, and Bruce Timmís style here and there, but for the most part The Batman was an independent entity that evolved into a great series that strongly adds to the Batman mythos.The Fifth Season of The Batman once again ups the ante for the bat and takes the series in an even more different direction than The Fourth Season did.In the Fifth Season Robin and Batgirl were no longer used so heavily and only showed up here and there to contribute their own bit of flare and drama to the episode.The main focus of Season Five was new villains, old villains, and most of all other Superheroes.The multiple appearances of a variety of DC Superheroes such as Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Superman made the series point more and more conclusively to The Justice League; by the end of the series this foreshadowing element becoming fact.The Fifth Season of The Batman is by far the best to date and it is sad that once all the elements of story, style, and cohesiveness came together that the series was over.But as they say, always leave them wanting more.


Teen Titans in the end still needed some work, since it continued to lean a little too heavily on the goofy, childish side of the DC Universe with an unnecessary and ill used anime style right up until the end.It can be said that Teen Titans, like The Batman, did evolve, but more so in the area of plot rather than animation style.The stories in the Fifth Season gave fans what they wanted to see with deeper, darker and more detailed storylines.An origin episode appears on this season set and it is something that no comic fan wants to miss.Also like The Batman, the final season of Teen Titans pulls out all the stops and uses many more peripheral characters (villains and superheroes alike) than had ever been seen in the series before.Overall, a great way to end a series that captured many comic fans attention as the classic Teen Titans were taken in a completely new direction.


Whereas The Batman and Teen Titans for the most part finally reached a level of greatness in story and style, the third series reviewed here (Legion of Superheroes: Volume 3) still has much work to be done.The third volume reviewed here is more of first season and features the last five episodes of season one.The series at this point is not dark or edgy enough but does show promise.The series is more reminiscent of Teen Titans than any previous Batman or Superman incarnation, having an immature, cartoony feel about it that does not do the characters justice.Hopefully season two steps up its game.To read more about the series follow the Volume Two link listed below.


The Batman: The Complete 3rd Season:



The Batman: The Complete 4th Season:



Teen Titans: The Complete 3rd Season:



Teen Titans: The Complete 4th Season:



Legion of Superheroes: Volume 2




All of the series demonstrate very similar DVD features in that they are not astounding, but they most certainly get the job done.  The Batman and Teen Titans are 2-Disc sets, whereas Legion of Superheroes: Volume 3 is a single disc containing 5 episodes. All in all the releases are simple and to the point.  The picture on all three sets are once again disappointingly presented in its uninteresting 1.33 X 1 Full Frame image and even with the crisp, clear, and colorful images they would have looked much better in an anamorphic widescreen.The sound on all three is a clean Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo that whereas not the best sounding animated superhero track this reviewer has heard it gets the job done in a clear and solid way.The sound on all three series, however, does deserve at least a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track to highlight the heavy action each series is infused with.


This final season of The Batman actually gives fans a few extras.Extras include two featurettes that center on the Fifth Seasonís heavy use of other superheroes and the Justice League with The Batman: Justice League Profiles, Joining Forces: The Batmanís Legendary Team-Ups.The featurettes use the same commentators for both and are very similar in nature, emphasizing the direction the final season took in both story and style.Overall, there are an interesting couple extras with a good rewatchable quality on this set.


The only extra available on the Teen Titans 2-Disc set is a 25 minute featurette entitled Friend or Foe that explores both the heroes and the villains of the series through the eyes of the writers and producer of the series.The featurette is well done and informative, but like The Batman this reviewer would have liked to see a bit more included in these final sets.


Legion of Superheroes: Volume 3 offers up no extras, but seeing as how these are volumized sets donít be surprised if a full season set soon appears from WB/DC.


This reviewer can highly recommend both final seasons of The Batman and Teen Titans, but Legion of Superheroes, whereas enjoyable, still needs a slight overhaul. Up, up and awayÖ



-Michael P. Dougherty II


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