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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Thriller > Crime > War > End Of Days/Miami Vice (2006)/U-571 (Universal Blu-rays)

End Of Days/Miami Vice (2006)/U-571 (Universal Blu-rays)


Picture: B+/B/B     Sound: B+/B/B+     Extras: B-/C/C     Film: B/C/C



Now that Universal is reissuing all the titles they originally issued on the now-defunct HD-DVD format, it is interesting to see how ambitious they were in putting out what they thought would be titles that would sell the format and being the last studio to commit to Blu-ray, it was certainly an all-out rollout of some of their most interesting films.  Three more of those titles, ones one would think of as slick or on the cutting edge, are now on Blu-ray: Peter Hyams’ supernatural thriller End Of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Mann’s HD-Shot Miami Vice (2006) revival and Johnathan Mostow’s underwater submarine thriller U-571.


We covered those HD-DVDs and in all cases was the first time we got them for review in any format and they are essentially the same releases, but all with the upgrade of DTS HD Master Audio (MA) Lossless, where Days had Dolby TrueHD, Vice only Dolby Digital Plus and 571 with Dolby Digital Plus and regular DTS.


Links to the previous HD-DVD reviews:


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Days is the real winner in the improvement category, with a great soundmaster that is even more dynamic in DTS MA 5.1 than True HD 5.1, while Vice’s DTS MA 5.1 only reveals more problems with its soundmix and U-571 remains a bit overrated and the DTS MA 5.1 bares this out.  To be more specific about Days, the picture is the likely same master as the HD-DVD, but it seems as little better here, while the True HD 5.1 mix has some more breathing room.


The differences may not be spectacular, but they offer enough of a margin of improvement that the film was more involving than all predecessors and that is reason enough to celebrate.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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