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Category:    Home > Reviews > Concert > Pop > Teens > Tweens > Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus – Best Of Both Worlds Concert (Blu-ray/3-D/Disney)

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus – Best Of Both Worlds Concert (Blu-ray/3-D/Disney)


Picture: B     Sound: B     Extras: C-     Film: C-



Revenge and the return of the repressed take many forms, but did Miley Cyrus have to be one of them?  Hijacking the audience Britney Spears gave up in her self-destruction, Miss Cyrus and her Hannah Montana persona are inexplicably a hot moneymaking machine that can only reflect how banal things have become in the music business since the major labels went spiraling out of control.  With hit records (you can still call them that) and TV show that is one of the worst sitcoms of all time, we now get a bizarre concert feature called the Best Of Both Worlds Concert.


In the most unintentionally bizarre, schizophrenic entertainment moment since The Patti Duke Show had the actress (she could act) playing dual roles, the Montana/Cyrus thing is not exactly Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde, but is enough to drive many viewers to Manic Depressive illness or something too similar to think of.  Director Bruce Hendricks is responsible for this mess and it is now one of the worst theatrical concert releases in cinema history.  If it was not for the attempt at 3-D and just how hilariously bad this gets, it would be a total nightmare.


Cyrus (or is that Montana, or is that Cyrus) gets ready for her concert as they slap make-up on her and then she appears like a cut-rate Madonna and starts to… dance (?) following some stage dancers whose idea of motion would only place them above the weekly cast of The Lawrence Welk Show (bubble machines are more entertaining than this, too) and the show kicks in… all while you feel as if you are being kicked in the head… by a rabid horse!


Besides her fans who she is a role model for and has not let them down (yet anyways) there is her father Billy Ray, whose one-hit wonder Achy Breaky Heart killed line dancing and was the final nail in the coffin of real Country Music until The Dixie Chicks took on the second Bush Administration, was nice about not having another hit record, but always visibly unhappy his career did not continue.  Maybe if he continued to have hits, this ‘Montana Mania’ would not be upon us.  I bet more than a few DJs are now sorry they never played another Billy Ray song.  You will be too if you suffer though this horrid act of music many real singer sand musicians just may dub musical torture porn!



The 1080p 1.85 X 1 digital High Definition image is available in a weak 2-D presentation that is too soft for its own good, so we expected that it would be the junk version and the 3-D would be superior.  It did some business at the box office and likely the 3-D was the reason.  Well, if this is any indication of what was being projected, we can say with no doubt that this is a big disappointment and some of the poorest 3-D we have seen anywhere.


The effects are very limited, it always looks phony and the 3-D looks like it was reproduced at the last minute as an afterthought like the sillier old GAF View-Master reels we have seen over the years (they were introduced in 1939!) and stays phony throughout, with additional problems like not being able to hold the 3-D and even having issues with color like color shifting or even loss of color.  This new technology can’t hold the color?


Then comes the choices of sound codecs.  You get a PCM 16/48 2.0 Stereo mix that is flat and adequate at best, then there is a DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio (MA) uncompressed signal that tries to be more dynamic, but this poor excuse for multi-channel sound is like a boring lesson in ambiance with boring music to match.  Even if the music was actually good, the mix could not cut in the monophonic era.  Combined, picture and sound in any combination is a dud.


Extras include four pairs of cardboard 3-D glasses, additional songs (noooooooooo!), a sing-along feature (if you can understand the lyrics) and personal tour featurette with The Jonas Brothers trying to get as much additional exposure as possible.  Now, I need to listen to Little Eva and The Murmaids as an antidote to this mess!



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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