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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Fantasy > Game > Animation > Anime > Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Vol. 1 (Warner/Cartoon Network DVD)

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Vol. 1 (Warner/Cartoon Network DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A



Dan and his life changed when cards fell from the sky one day, he and his friends turn them into a battle game.  But the soon they came to discover the cards came from another dimension, Vestroia and the cards are more powerful that just a simple game.  They discover they are not only fighting for themselves but to save both their worlds as well.


This is another series that is also card game; you can just see the table top cards on the deck (literally).  A mysterious, mystical, seemingly harmless game appears and people start playing all over the world.  BUT no sooner than appearance of our various heroes/heroines does a mysterious and dark group appears and threatens the peace of the two worlds and it up to our heroes to save the day.  But fortunately they are not alone, along with the help Drago, the talking Bakugan, Dan and company learns what it means to be Bakugan Battle Brawlers with strategy, teamwork and friendship.


I would recommend this series for those who like card/table top games, it has seemly endless battles, and there isn't an episode that there wasn't some battle between players.  It is pretty easy to understand and figure out how Bakugan is played, the battles scenes are animated gigantic card playing fields and right before each attack they give the battle statistics or any changes of the characters when the cards are revealed.  It uses various elements such as fire, wind, water, earth, light and darkness.  A thing they do a lot is yell Bakugan a lot, so get used to it.  Even though it is a Japanese produced animation there is only English dialog, but has subtitles as well.  But asides from the game is interesting relationship between the main characters and their Bakugan characters, especially Dan and his talking Bakugan, Drago.



Episode 1: The Battle Begins


Dan battles Bakugan for fun and strives to be No. 1, but he soon learns there is more to the game than meets the eye and the mysterious Drago, a talking Bakugan, falls into his hands.


Episode 2: Masquerade Ball


A mysterious Bakugan player call Masquerade appears and starts stealing Bakugan from players all over the world.  Dan not able to stand to his cruel injustice challenges Masquerade to a duel.


Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends


Masquerade persuades a young but talented play to challenge Dan and gives him a special Bakugan.  But can Dan learn the rules of game to defeat him?


Episode 4: Dan and Drago


Dan throws Drago away into the river after getting into a fight with him. But soon learns that there more to the game than force and luck.  That it take more than that become a true player.


Episode 5: Runo Rules!


Dan and Runo meet for the first time, but when Dan accidentally drops his wrist computer Runo discovers a challenge from Masquerade to Dan, and goes in Dans place.



-   Ricky Chiang


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