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Kabluey (Sony DVD)


Picture: B ††††Sound: B††† Extras: C ††††Film: B



Who would have thought that Lisa Kudrow, Christine Taylor, and Teri Garr could all three star together in a decent film?Certainly not me, but Scott Prendergastís 2007 film Kabluey proves me wrong.I like when a film does just that, puts words back into my mouth, makes me rethink things, and more importantly wins me over during its duration.Kabluey did just that.


Strangely enough the film flew completely under the radar, but Sony is hoping that this DVD release will put the film into the right hands and find a fan-base, which I truly believe it will eventually find.Worst-case scenario is that the film will eventually become a cult item and there is nothing wrong with that either.


The film begins as we are introduced to the Kudrow character, who is currently not working, trying to raise kids, and her husband is off fighting in Iraq.The last thing she wants to do is turn to her brother-in-law (played by Prendergast) since he is the epitome of disaster, but she is desperate and needs his help, whatever help that is.He arrives in town and begins to help out with the kids and lands a job with a failing company (a dot-com company that is) and becomes the company mascot (a giant blue puffy suit and thus the title of the film).Oddly enough he finds confidence in his newfound costume/alter ego and things begin to turn around for everyone involved, but the ongoing comedy wraps things up in some unexpected ways and makes for an entertaining evening, plus a fresh breath to the comedy genre.


Arriving to DVD the film is presented in an anamorphic 1.85 X 1 transfer that is adequate, but it would be great to see this film in the Blu-ray format, especially since I was unable to view it theatrically.I can see where the limitations of standard definition sell the film short in certain respects, but the content is off-beat enough and works well enough that itís not a distraction.Colors are warm and the film has a really fresh look that few comedies these days have.There is a bit of softness from times to times, mostly interior and darker scenes, but again this is the problem with compressed video that we have seen all too often.Audio is basic too; a solid Dolby 5.1 mix that is sufficient for the content here, but again the Blu-ray will be able to take that to a new level as well.There are deleted scenes as well, but it would have been great to get a commentary track for the film, maybe that too can be added once it gets Blu treatment.



Kabluey will have an opportunity to shine once it hits Blu-ray then it truly can be KaBLUey.For now, people will have to get acquainted via this DVD, which will hopefully drive a fan base and demand for High Definition.



-†† Nate Goss


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