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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Horror > Russia > Day Watch: Unrated (20th Century Fox Blu-ray)

Day Watch: Unrated (20th Century Fox Blu-ray)


Picture: B+††† Sound: B+ ††††Extras: B ††††Film: C-



We have already covered 2004ís Night Watch twice in both formats.You can read about that first film in this series at these links:









2008ís Day Watch, which picks up pretty much where Night Watch left off arrives to Blu-ray here in its unrated form running 146 disappointing minutes.Itís quite surprising that even the potential of the first film could not be fully realized in this follow-up, which was already envisioned as a second installment when the material was originally written.However, the film fails even harder than the first film primarily because it tries too hard and becomes such an ambitious film that it ultimately leaves the viewer unimpressed.


Most importantly the film drags on and on and runs far too long on little development that leaves the viewer feeling shortchanged among many other things.The inconsistencies with the first film are evident, even down to the production, which the film has a slightly different look altogether, especially with a 2.35 X 1 scope framing, presented on Blu-ray in 1080p.Both films look good in High Definition, lots of detail and depth, with nicely rendered and stylized color palettes, but that cannot correct the films lack of emotion that is transmitted with the material.Night Watch was presented in the flat aspect ratio of 1.85 X 1, this reminded me of the Blade films, which the first film was shot in scope, then the second film was shot in flat, then back to scope for the third film, which this among a few other things did not help the consistency of the three films.Here, at least the overall feel is in tact, despite different framing.


Like the first film, we have the original Russian audio track presented in a lossless (and highly dynamic) DTS-HD MA (Master Audio lossless) 5.1 audio track, while the English track is simply a lossy DTS 5.1 track and the difference is incredible.I personally like the films sound design and think that this does help the film work a bit more, Fox did the right thing by making sure that it was up to the performance for Blu-ray with superb audio.


The supplements are lighter too, which only help tell the story with a bit more detail starting with a commentary track, a making of section, and interviews, plus another D-Box feature, all of which are adequate in terms of supplements and appeal to fans, but are nothing super in-depth and are easy to skip just the same.


All things considered we donít get very many films from Russia and both Night Watch and Day Watch, while not on my top anything lists, are at least something different, I applaud their ambition and Fox has served the films well by releasing them with quality in mind, not just in the performance audio and video wise for Blu-ray, but also included a sufficient amount of supplements to keep fans happy and make their decision to migrate over to Blu-ray from DVD much easier.



-†† Nate Goss


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