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The Hulk (2003/Universal Blu-ray)


Picture: B+     Sound: B+     Extras: C-     Film: C+


Let’s start by saying that The Hulk is NOT as bad of a film as people have made it out to be.  Does it make other super hero films green with envy?  No, but The Hulk is not nauseatingly bad either.  Ang Lee’s venture into superherodom was a bad choice; in fact, Ang Lee is a bad choice in general, but The Hulk especially.  The film had the money to back it and the cast to support it, but lacked the vision and quality director to guide it.  The film in many ways was lost in its own green skin.  With The Hulk, Ang Lee put old elements, new elements, and flat out bad elements into a cinematic blender and hoped for the best.  What the world got was a superhero film that strayed too far from its comic book origins and too close to what Ang Lee thought a “superhero movie was.”  You may wonder how after all this criticism, how the film could be “not that bad;” well it all boils down to other films are much worse.  If it was not for the great cast and big budget, the horrible directing and bad CGI would have surely SMASHED the film; but for whatever reason the film stays afloat with the few good components it did contain.


For a synopsis and different point on the film refer to an earlier review of The Hulk at the link below:



For being a somewhat sub par film the technical features are surprisingly solid.  The picture is presented in a vibrant and colorful 1080p High Definition 2.35 X 1 Widescreen that demonstrates a good use of deep blacks with no compression or artifacting; obviously coming for great source material.  The sound is equally impressive in English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround (with special features in Dolby Digital 2.0) that utilizes the entire soundscape of all speakers; emphasizing each sound from the loudest ‘boom’ to the slightest ‘ping.’


The extras are the same as those found on HD DVD reviewed elsewhere on this site.  The extras to recap are a Feature Commentary with Director Ang Lee, Deleted Scenes, Evolution of The Hulk, The Incredible Ang Lee, The Dog Fight Scene, The Making of The Hulk, and The Unique Style of Editing Hulk.  After seeing the film the extras do not seem too appealing; why watch more of something that was not all too great to begin with?  On top of not wanting to view them in the first place; the extras are lackluster and drab as they guide the viewer through the films evolution from beginning to end.  Whereas it is interesting to see Ang Lee’s thought process and direction (however misguided it was), it does not surmount to anything that will knock the viewers’ socks off.


Is the film absolutely awful?  No, but this reviewer would not run out to buy it either.  In the end, the film could have been much better as is evident from the newer Edward Norton Hulk film.  There are elements that worked and many more that didn’t; leaving a ton of angered fans.  And you don’t want to see comic fans angry…



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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