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Blood +: Volume 3 (Sony DVD)
Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Episodes: A



Saya Otonashi is an ordinary school girl... not.  After discovering she is one of the remaining original vampires in the world, she was dragged into the world blood and violence.  With only katana and her mysterious servant Hagi, she joins the organization call the Red Shield to fight the vampires or 'Chiopterans'.  Saya however fights not only for humanity, but her adopted family and her lost past, but as she discovers the truth can she face the truth about herself?
In Volume 3 of Blood +, Saya joins the Red Shield investigating the whereabouts of the Chiopterans.  While undercover in a girl's private school Saya discovers an unknown container containing 'Diva', which then leads them to a Chiropteran farm in the deep jungle of Vietnam.  But what is worst is the victims are all children; can Saya do what needs to be done?
Inspired by the hit anime movie and manga, Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+ is about a young vampire girl who fights other vampires to protect humanity.  What is interesting about the anime series however is that the series takes you all over the world exploring different vampire mythologies and how it ties to ultimately her.  Throughout the series Saya meets other vampires and fights them, but the more she fights the internal struggle for her to remain human begins to question her mind, is she really doing the right thing?
If you like vampires, action and sword swinging drama this anime series is loaded with plenty of twists and turns that will surprise you.  What is interesting about the characters is the fact the vampires have different 'classes' so to say and have different character designs, looks, abilities and fighting styles.  The story takes the original Blood and turns it into a gigantic series where an organization is trying to create vampire soldiers, but ultimately it is the clever manipulations of vampires.
Episode 11: After the Dance

During a school dance the Red Shield takes a chance to investigate Saya discovered, but when discovering what is inside they realized they hit the jackpot. But then something unexpected happens...
Episode 12: Lured By the White Forrest

Kai and Riku have been kidnapped. Chasing after the container containing 'Diva', Saya enters the jungle and is suddenly surround by Chiropterran children.
Episode 13: Jungle Paradise

Trapped in a mansion with Chiropterran all around them Saya loses herself after hearing a mysterious song and goes berserk.
Episode 14: The Last Sunday

After a blood battle Saya, Kai and Riku returns to their hometown for a short break, during this time they reaffirm their lives and remember what it is they are fighting for.
Episode 15: I Want to Pursue

Intrigued by the mysterious string of murders a reporter chases after Saya, but not without one of Saya's old classmates following along who is obsessed that Saya has seduced Kai.


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-   Ricky Chiang


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