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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > TV > Sci-Fi Box Set (Ark II/Space Academy/Jason Of Star Command/BCI Eclipse/Filmation TV DVD)

Sci-Fi Box Set (Ark II/Space Academy/Jason Of Star Command/BCI Eclipse/Filmation TV DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: B     Episodes: B



BCI Eclipse has brought together three box sets of three of the best live action TV series the Filmation Company ever made.  We have looked at them previously, though in the case of Ark II, it was indirect coverage as this link will show:





It will show and tell you much about the show, but before we conclude on how great Ark II is, here is our full coverage of the other sets:


Space Academy



Jason Of Star Command




I am not as big a fan of Jason, which was a sequel to Command, but it is a fan favorite and Sig Haig’s presence as the villain has only enhanced its cult status.  While those shows were set in outer space, Ark II took place on a post-apocalyptic earth and involved a team of scientists that included a talking chimpanzee named Adam, plus smart humans Ruth, Jonah and Samuel.  In the title vehicle, built with all the knowledge and resources to go around and renew the planet piece by piece, they still have adventures in survival, moral lessons and implementation that make this one of the mist interesting live-action children’s TV shows of any kind ever made and way ahead of its time.


Episodes include:


1)     The Flies

2)     The Rule

3)     The Tank

4)     The Slaves

5)     The Balloon

6)     The Mind Group

7)     The Lottery

8)     The Drought

9)     The Wild Boy

10)  The Robot

11)  Omega

12)  Robin Hood

13)  The Cryogenic Man

14)  Don Quixote

15)  Orkus



The situations concern people trying to replace facts and fairness with exploitation, science with magic and stop the natural course of the future by ruining the lives of others as the catastrophe of the environmental holocaust that has occurred has more than its share of bullies, back stabbers, users and worse.  Yet, it is an intelligent show (even versus most nighttime and cable TV we get now) in fully dealing with the issues presented in a remarkably clear and clever way.


The acting is not bad, the idea of the title vehicle as “good ship” is one of the most interesting in Science Fiction in general and the chemistry between cast members is a plus.  The show was a peak of commercial quality TV for that market and during its original DVD release, seems to have been ignored/censored for politics reasons.  Some of the technology and outfits may seem dated, but others are not and the scientific and social ideas behind the show are more potent than ever before, proving the show to be over three decades ahead of its time.


All three shows were big hits in their time and to have them together in one DVD set is great and makes a must-own gift set for anyone serious about TV on DVD or the genre’s the shows cover.  Ark II (which originated on 16mm film, only to have those materials destroyed and replaced by the lesser digital backup copies here) has the same picture and sound performance as Command, then adds its own extras including the well-done Launch Of Ark II documentary, DVD-ROM accessible scripts for all 15 episodes that you can print out, audio commentary tracks on two of the shows and extensive stills sections. 



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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