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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Reaper – Season One (Lionsgate DVD)

Reaper – Season One (Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+



Reaper is essentially Dead Like Me for families – a guy’s parents sell his soul to Satan and he has to go out and collect renegade souls.  What follows is far from revolutionary, but is nothing that’s exactly inspiring either.  I caught many of these episodes during their original broadcast and after a few months of reflection, my opinion hasn’t changed – Reaper is a fun pseudo-sci-fi comedy that lacks the inspiration and drive of its better cousin, Dead Like Me.


The pilot episode was one of my favorite of that season.  Directed by Kevin Smith, he brings to the episode the skill of a director that knows what gags work when.  Say what you will about the guy, but he knows how to make gags work for his target audience of which I’m a part.  His episode is easily the best of the season, establishing a more adult tone and a more mature sense of humor in comparison to the more juvenile later episodes.


Perhaps the highlight of the whole series is not in the show’s two leads, but rather in the portrayal of the devil by Ray Wise.  He brings a charming, fun, and appealing personality to the prince of darkness that makes him more likeable than the show’s whiny lead and his oafish sidekick.  It sounds like I’m bashing these guys a lot, but I don’t mean to – their chemistry is part of what makes them believable as friends.


The extras on this set are lacking.  There’s one audio commentary, a gag reel, and a few deleted scenes, but ultimately it’s nothing to hold onto.


Ultimately, Season 1 of Reaper is a show worth watching the pilot episode of, but ultimately doesn’t hold its own through the majority of the season.  It’s curious to see what they’ll do with Season 2 because they have one hell of a concept (no pun intended) and can do a bunch with it.  In the time between seasons, check out Dead Like Me and read about its first season on DVD at this link:





-   Jordan Paley


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