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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Animation > Dead Space: Downfall (Anchor Bay DVD/Science Fiction/Animation)

Dead Space: Downfall (Anchor Bay DVD/Science Fiction/Animation)
Picture: B Sound: B Extras: C Feature: B



A prequel to the game 'Dead Space from EA: Humanity has reached far into space in search of the origins of the universe, unification. On a remote planet they discover an ancient relic and the USG Ishimura is sent to salvage it, but something unexpected came back with it... somehow the relic affects the crew, slowly turning them mad and against each other. And even worst bodies of the dead are re-animated and reformed into gruesome monsters. The ship becomes a living hell...
The story centers around Alissa Vincent, Chief Security aboard the Ishimura. As the ship secures the alien relic aboard, strange behavior begins to show in the crew, some argue it is wrong to take the relic from the planet, others say they must return it to Earth. But either way, as Alissa investigates the rising string of body counts and blood trails, she discovers the horror of the alien infection, but by then it is too late... the ship is contaminated.  As she desperately tries to stay alive, she begins to learn the truth of the horror...
This is a really good horror movie, it is well animated and NOT for the faint of heart. Be warned that there is much blood, guts, and dismemberment. Based on a video game it really brings to life the feeling of space horror, trapped on a ship filled with aliens and no way to get off. It uses clever lighting, shadowing and sounds, adding to the horror. Each corner is never safe; each body might rise to get you. The horror that you see bits and pieces of what was once human...
If you are a fan of horror, space aliens and being afraid of the dark, you can stop looking. Prepare yourself... this movie will give you nightmares. On the horror scale if you like movies/games such as Alien, Doom or Resident Evil this is on par with that level. What is really cool is the world they create the story in, character designs, and whole place is massive... the setting creates an irony in which even thought humans can travel space and terraform planets, an alien life form can still show how fragile humans are. With cutting edge graphics this is one animated movie you don't want to miss. Note that this is also available on Blu-ray. The extras come with deleted scene, movie and game trailer, photo gallery and also isolated soundtrack.



- Ricky Chiang


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