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Storm Hawks: Showdown In The Skies (Sony DVD Set)


Picture: C+ Sound: C+ Extras: C Episodes: A+



Welcome to the world of Atmos, world of mountain top kingdoms. Where Sky Knights protect the lands from the forces of evil. Beast, rogues, pirates, thieves and worst of all, Cyclonians, who seek control all of Atmos. Storms Hawks were the most powerful of all Sky Knights, but that was until they were betrayed by one of their own, Dark Ace.
Years later, a young group of friends stumble upon the Sky Knights wrecked ship, the Condor. They seek to become Sky Knights with their leader Aerrow, the last descendent of the Storm Hawks. The marksman, Finn. Junko the Wallop, their team muscleman. Piper the team specialist/engineer. Stork, the paranoid and pessimistic helmsman of the Condor. And finally Radarr, Aerrow's co-pilot, a small furry blue creature.
This was a very sci-fi filled animation, place in a world where much of the transportation relies on flying ships and transforming flying bikes (a.k.a. skimmers) which are powered by glowing energy crystals. Much of the lands which are habitable are called 'Terras' which look like islands in a sea of clouds but really are mountain tops which rise over the 'wastelands'. There are as many terras as there are kingdoms, humanoid races and culture ranging from small gas station sized terras to ones that can fit an entire kingdom. This allows much variation, and each episode almost always shows a new 'terra'.
The Storm Hawks, if you could compare them to others Sci-fi/actions shows, think of Firefly crossed with Teen Titans and you pretty much have the series nailed. You again here get a team of young teenagers out to save the world and their own flying ship/base (and often in need of repair). The teams members are often more like a group of friends than 'knights' so to say, but what is really amusing is they have classic archetypes for a comic team with a heroic leader, the team joker, a smart techie, the resident crazy guy (he always believes they are doomed), the strong but nice guy (with a cast iron bottomless stomach), and the cute mascot (which really sounds like a certain monkey from a Disney movie).
Along with this 2 disc set comes with the special feature of the Storm Hawkes 360 vehicle transformation, but I enjoyed the fact there was 13 great episodes to watch continuously, sets are always great if you are a fan for series.
Episode 14: A Little Trouble
The Storm Hawks are babysitting Junko's nephew as well as stopping the completion of the Cyclonian super ship at the same time. But they may find taking care of a battle ship is easier than of a baby Wallop...
Episode 15: Thunder Run
Junko is taken hostage by the 'Colonel', and it is a race again time for the Storm Hawkes to retrieve the mysterious 'Rozen Yoga' to save Junko. Junko in the meantime ends up in an eating contest with the Colonel.
Episode 16: Escape!
Aerrow and Radarr are stuck on a prison Terra Zartacla, but after the escape from their cells the Warden is hot on their trails. It's a game of wits of cat and mouse, can they find a way off the Terra before they are caught by the Warden?
Episode 17: Forbidden City
The Storm Hawks are in a race with the Cyclonians to the Oracle Stone (which can see the future) after discovering a lost city. But it becomes more than a race with the Cyclonians, the entire city full of traps and puzzles.
Episode 18: Leviathan
The Storm Hawk's ship, the Condor has broken down (again). But while getting the parts for repair the Condor is swallowed by a legendary beast the Leviathan. Stork suffers from a break down and becomes 'Ahab' as the Storm Hawks try and rescue their home.
Episode 19: InFinnity
The Storm Hawks steal a mysterious item from the Cyclonians and is unable to figure out what it does. Finn accidentally discovers it is cloning crystal and clones himself to easy his workload, but soon they have more 'Finns' they can handle, can Piper reverse the effect?
Episode 20: Terra Neon
The team takes a vacation to the amusement park Terra Neon, but finds no one there. But soon finds they are the stars or looking for stars of the show... will the producers ever be satisfied?
Episode 21: The Storm Hawks Seven
The Cyclonians have built a new sonic super cannon at Polaris Point, a critical passage between two quadrants of Atmos. The Storm Hawk's must takeout this new Cyclonian weapon, but not without some crazy tactics...
Episode 22: Talon Academy
Cyclonians are recruiting kids to become future Talons (Cyclonian bikers/fighters) by pretending being Cyclonians are 'cool'. Aerrow and Piper infiltrate the academy undercover to close the academy and to reveal what the Cyclonians really are...
Episode 23: Siren's Song
The Storm Hawks find themselves in the 'Great Expanse' (a Bermuda Triangle of Amos) and can't get out. But things are more than what they seem when their stories don't match of how they got in, they are trapped in an illusion of their greatest desire... can they break the spell?
Episode 24: Calling All Domos
Aerrow, Radarr and Piper take Junko to the dentist. Meanwhile Finn and Stork are off on an adventure of their own, saving Terra Vapos. Their existence depends on a legendary crystal from a dragon... but can Finn and Stork find it in time?
Episode 25: The Lesson
The Cyclonians have new crystals enhancing their powers. A famous trainer of warriors, Arygyn the shapeshifter, offers to train the Storm Hawks. But can training at Terra Neon be enough to beat the Cyclonians and their new powers?
Episode 26: Dude, Where's My Condor?
Storks finally suffers a mental shock from the Condor being in such disrepair. But after they trade in the Condor for a 'new' model. But they discovers the new model is even worst than the battle-weary Condor... unfortunately they must face the Colonel to get their old ship back.



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- Ricky Chiang


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