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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Drama > MirrorMask (2005/Sony Blu-ray)

MirrorMask (2005/Sony Blu-ray)


Picture: B+†††Sound: B+ †††Extras: B†††Film: B



Dave McKeanís 2005 film MirrorMask is making its way to Blu-ray spender; its arrival certainly makes it one of the first truly unique, abstract, and interesting films to arrive, that along with Tarsem Singhís The Fall, reviewed here:





The story involves a girl named Helena, who is filled with guilt after an argument with her mother in which she basically said that she wishes she was the death of her mother.Her mother then collapses shortly after and needs an operation to save her.Shortly before the operation, Helena enters a bizarre dream in which she must help save a kingdom that is being torn between two opposing queens.The good queen is ill and needs the power of the MirrorMask to help her, but Helena must fight to find it with the help of Valentine (Jason Barry).The story parallelís many of the real life circumstances that Helena is in; the visual work on the film is top-notch and provides a truly unique experience that is few and far between in todayís cinema.


Presented in a beautiful 1080p high definition transfer and framed at 1.85 X 1 MirrorMask looks glorious!Since the film is highly stylized with a variety of special effects itís truly remarkable how natural the transfer still seems and the fantasy world created here looks sharp with texture, tones, and various hues.Much of the film has a sepia look, which often times can come across grainy, washed out, or faded, but here we get exceptional quality and consistency throughout.Even when we are introduced to certain scenes that are softer itís evident that this is an intentional Ďlookí for the film and not a technical problem at all.


Likewise the audio presented for the film in Dolby Digital TrueHD 5.1 is mixed in clever ways to accompany the visual treats.The mix is incredibly dynamic throughout with a variety of sometimes subtle and sometimes engaging moments that wrap the viewer into the film even more.Since the films storyline is woven together in abstract ways that are often meandering, itís vital the films score and visuals help engage the viewer/listener at all times, which is precisely the case here with this Blu-ray and is certainly the best way to view this film in the home.


There are several short featurettes presented here as well, including several on the production and going from conceptualization to the big screen, there is also a 20-minute Q & A session along with commentary from McKean, who talks at great length about the process of filmmaking and is a good listen!


While this film might not be everyoneís cup-o-tea, itís an absolute solid film that demonstrates phenomenal creativity at every corner of the production and itís entry onto the Blu-ray format demonstrates just how great abstract filmmaking can look and sound!Recommended!



-†† Nate Goss


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