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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Slasher > Giallo > Italy > Bloody Moon/Devil Hunters/In The Folds Of The Flesh (Severin DVD)

Bloody Moon/Devil Hunters/In The Folds Of The Flesh (Severin DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C/C/C-     Films: C/C-/C-



Severin continues to issue various Italian Horror/Giallo films from the original period (1960s to early 1980s) that put the genre (or is that cycle?  It can be debated) on the map.  They come from opposite ends of the spectrum.  In The Folds Of the Flesh (1970) wants to be the Destroy All Monsters of the genre, starting with the basic tenants of such a film, the adding everything exploitation it can from Nazis, to sex, to torture, to deadly pets, to poison, to strange dialogue, to beheadings, to incest and the psychedelic era!  It flaunts star Pier Angeli and director Sergio Bergonzelli throws in everything but the kitchen (or is the kitsch-en) sink in this curios that never adds up in any way.  Withy all that, how could it?  I could see how this could be a cult film for someone and it is said to be uncut here, though with the themes, what would cut be?  At best, it is a weird curio that could have only come out of its time.  Mario Pacheco’s cinematography is not bad, though.


The other two films Severin has issued recently are two more features from the infamous Jess Franco.  Devil Hunter (1980) is a thriller about killing and cannibalism that is all over the place, never working except as a curio about how bad these films usually are, while Bloody Moon (1981) is an early “maniac on the loose” film in the giallo (and the then sub-Hollywood) tradition as a killer stalks and brutally kills each of the ladies he is out to get.  This one has naked schoolgirls and is only a few generations away from Bob Clark’s Black Christmas, though John Carpenter’s Halloween was only a few years before.  It has some style, but can also be uneven in that approach, though it actually has more of a plot/story versus the current torture porn cycle.  It is the only film here that makes any sense and is itself as effective as the endless entries in the cycle at the time, including the barrage coming from the U.S., Hollywood or not.  All three films are curios at best and only for serious fans, the crowd Severin is obviously aiming for.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 images are on the soft side, but can also display some good color, though the prints in all these cases have some flaws and issues throughout, while the Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono sound is not bad across the board, but you can tell they are dubbed (which is typical of Italian productions) and some cleaning up might help, but they are just old soundtracks and that is that.  Extras include trailers on all but Hunter, which only has an interview with Franco entitled Sexo Canibal and another with Franco on Moon called (surprise) Franco Moon.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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