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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > Biopic > Foreign > China > Jet Liís Fearless Ė Directorís Cut (2006/Universal Blu-ray)

Jet Liís Fearless Ė Directorís Cut (2006/Universal Blu-ray)


Picture: B+ ††††Sound: B+ ††††Extras: C+ †††Film: B



Weíve already covered Fearless a number of times already on this site, the first time around we covered the HD-DVD/DVD combo set of the unrated version of the film, then we covered the 2-disc set that included both the unrated as well as the theatrical and directors cut of the film.This Blu-ray release is simply the HD version of the previous HD-DVDís HD side we covered here:





Of course when I covered that release I knew that a Blu-ray release would soon follow and weíre excited about the improvements that are offered with the film in this HD release.The first and most obvious improvement here is the 2.40 X 1 framed 1080p High Definition picture that looks superior in all categories to the DVD release of the film and is even a bit sharper and more pronounced than the now defunct HD-DVD format release.In comparison to the previous DVD release of the film we finally get the sharpness, definition, and resolution that allows this film to demonstrate some of its masterful camerawork and production design.There are several scenes in particular that showcase some amazing depth and fidelity that only Blu-ray can offer.Colors are more accurately rendered with a vibrancy and level of detail that makes the DVD look flat by comparison.Naturally the level of resolution here allows for a more life-like image that boasts some exceptional amount of detail, especially in the close up shots.


The DVD came with a highly compressed Dolby Digital 5.1 mix that shortchanged the film big time!Here we have a lossless DTS-HD 5.1 mix that is offered on the directors cut of the film, the theatrical cut and unrated cut are in lossy DTS 5.1, which is still an improvement, but it cannot compete with the fidelity and range of the lossless DTS-HD master audio track.That audio option allows for greater fullness and resolution that gives a more beefed up soundstage with more dynamics and overall punch, which is necessary for a film like this to full be realized.


With three versions of the film being included, plus the lossless audio tracks there is little room left for extras, the only addition here is a section that allows you to collect your favorite scenes together, which is a nice little perk, but nothing superb.


Itís evident that fans will want to own this definitive version as it contains all versions, and especially the longer, more extensive directors cut, plus itís in High Definition and even though it took several releases to get us to this point, here is the one to own!



-†† Nate Goss


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