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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Action > Comedy > Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs: Collector's Edition Vol 1 (VCI Entertainment DVD)

Saber Rider & The Star Sheriffs: Collector's Edition Vol 1 (VCI Entertainment DVD)

Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A+



Mankind has left Earth and expanded to the stars, colonizing new planets and creating new frontiers.  But unfortunately mankind soon discovered they were not alone, outpost after outpost was attacked by outlaws, criminals, and Vapor Beings (or Outriders).  Cavalry Command calls in the Star Sheriffs an elite group of heroes, only they could protect the colonies and stop the evil plan of the Outriders.  Along with their transforming battleship RAMROD (voiced by Peter Cullen who voiced Optimus Prime in the cartoon series Transformers) and its creator April, Saber Rider, Fireball, and Colt protect the new frontier from the alien invaders.  Here is the world of Saber Rider.
This series was a blast from the past, an 80s animation that is similar to the series Bravestarr, many of the places and names were influenced by the Old West.  But even with the cowboys on the frontier setting, Saber Rider has also a mixture of anime, cyberpunk, giant robots as well... however it is also its weak point; it tries to appeal to too many levels at the same time.  The characters and vehicles ranges from a cyber horse, race car, plane to their transforming spaceship/robot.  The Star Sheriffs themselves are made up of a multicultural team and then throwing them into a Western, sci-fi world made it a confusing blend of sci-fi cowboys in the future.

Granted this was an older series, it is old school and predictable, a bad guy shows up threatening a town and the heroes are the only ones who can stop them.  Most of the episodes were self contained and ended similar each time, with their ship Ramrod transforming to a gigantic robot and blowing the enemy away.
Episode 1: Star Sheriff Round Up

Saber Rider meets Fireball and Colt for the first time. They are attacked by the Outriders and join April and Ramrod to defeat the Outriders.
Episode 2: Cavalry Command (Part 1)

The Star Sheriffs return to their home base to help train the new cadets. But even at home they get no breaks.
Episode 3: Jesse's Revenge (Part 2)

The young cadet Jesse after rejected by April plots revenge against the Star Sheriffs.
Episode 4: Iguanna Get to Know You

Colt learns from an unlikely critter, that sometimes it is dangerous to fly solo.
Episode 5: Little Hombre

An ex-mercenary is has to make a choice when his son is kidnapped by the Outriders.  The Star Sheriffs show up, but can he find the courage to pick up a gun again?
Episode 6: The Greatest Show on the New Frontier

The circus is in town, but the circus master has a deadly surprise for the new outpost.
Episode 7: Little Pardner

The Star Sheriffs find a little boy whose town is enslaved by the Outriders to work in their mines and tries to free them.
Episode 8: Brawlin' Is My Callin'

The Star Sheriffs go undercover as hired hands, but soon find they are in hot water when their cover is blown.
Episode 9: Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

A group of wild stallions are destroying the town, but can a mysterious shaman be the cause?
Episode 10: Castle of the Mountain Haze

The Star Sheriffs have a problem convincing a Lord to move when volcanic activity threatens his castle, Saber Rider challenges him to a dual of honor.
Episode 11: Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!

Outriders are stealing the dinosaurs on planet Tropica, it's up to the Star Sheriffs to save them!
Episode12: Four Leaf Clover

The plans for Ramrod were stolen, but when the Outriders take children for ransom and demand the plans, can they make the trade?
Episode 13: The Highlanders

Saber Rider comes home to find it overrun by the Outriders; can he and the Highlander clans fight back for their own lands?
Episode 14: What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

Commander Eagle, April's father has gone missing.  The Star Sheriffs investigate and finds the Commander's ship, but suddenly they are ambushed!
Episode 15: Jesse Blue

Jesse Blue an ex-cavalry cadet works for the Outriders, challenges Colt to one on one showdown.
Episode 16: Showdown at Cimarron Pass

Planet Yuma is under attack. As Gattler prepares to take out the Star Sheriffs, the Star Sheriffs head toward Cimarron Pass to head them off.


Episode 17: The Saber and the Tomahawk

A Cashoni Indian is framed for attacking the settlers, and tension is building between the two groups. Saber Rider faces his blood brother, but can they find the culprit before a range war starts?



The 1.33 X 1 image can show its age, but this is not bad and on par with so many 1980s shows finished on analog video despite being filmed, while the Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is a little better, still showing its age.  There are no extras, but maybe the next set will have them.



-   Ricky Chiang


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