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The Cure Trilogy (Eagle Blu-ray)


Picture: A- ††††Sound: A- †††Extras: B†† ††Concert: B



When The Cure released their Trilogy concert to DVD several years back, it seemed like a concert DVD that did just about everything right.We covered that concert DVD here, and while that particular concert was strong on DVD and had many things going for it, the days of DVD are winding down and this new Blu-ray release will finally make that DVD obsolete as it takes what was already a great disc and makes improvements in both picture and sound.


My opinion of the show has not changed since that coverage, but my level of enjoyment has certainly increased as we now have a truly superior concert experience thanks to the wonderful benefits of Blu-ray technology.First, there is the improvement in picture, which has been released here in a stunning 1.78 X 1 High Definition transfer in 1080i that demonstrates terrific color, contrast, and definition throughout.The concert footage is particularly dark in many regions and while the DVD looked good, there was a certain level of limitation as it was unable to showcase the various levels of black and detail was blended into the dark abyss.Here we get a thorough transfer that showcases the band in a spectacular way and demonstrates what a fine concert production it truly is.Aside from actually being there in concert, this is about as good as it gets at home.


As if the picture quality wasnít stunning enough, the band is now available in three audio options, which were all available on the DVD with the exception of the lossless audio available for the first time here in a DTS-HD Master Audio mix in 5.1.To say the very least, itís mind-blowing.Iíve heard many fantastic mixes before in the Super Audio realm and a variety of good concert mixes, but this one is spectacular in just about every aspect.The most noticeable difference when compared to the DVD or the other mixes available here (linear PCM or Dolby Digital 5.1) is that the lossless DTS mix now feels lively and free without any compression or limitation.Itís highly engaging and really brings out the finest elements of the band, which helps make this experience more appealing at home.Low-end presence is incredibly sub-sonic with articulation that was never heard in the DVD edition.Similarly the high-end and various ranges feel balanced and the mix never feels like it is off-center.This means that from the listening spot the viewer/listener gets a full level of engagement from all around, but yet the level of sound never dips or gets playful making the viewer/listener get the impression that something is being Ďtoyedí with in the mix.This is highly preferable because the best mixes are the ones that just allow you to enjoy it, rather than have to concentrate on it.


The same extras are included here that were on the DVD set, the big difference this time around though is that everything is now included in a really nice neat little single disc Blu-ray that holds 50GB worth of material and I would guess most of that is utilized here since we have this much concert footage, extras, and a lossless audio track.There is no doubt that any fan will want to make the upgrade if they havenít done so already!



-†† Nate Goss


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