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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > Superhero > TV > Powerpuff Girls: 10th Anniversary Collection – The Complete Series (Warner/Cartoon Network DVD)

Powerpuff Girls: 10th Anniversary Collection – The Complete Series (Warner/Cartoon Network DVD)


Picture: B- (Seasons 1-3) B (Seasons 4-6)     Sound: B-     Extras: C+     Episodes: C+



I would love to sit here and bash The Powerpuff Girls into oblivion, but like their moronic archenemies I just can’t do it.  Though the series never shaped up to be as fun or engaging as other Cartoon Network series like Johnny Bravo or Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls still have the makings of an adventurous and creative animated series.


The series stars Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles who were created accidentally by Professor Utronium when his efforts to make the ‘perfect little girl’ went wrong (or perhaps very right) when Chemical-X fell into the mixture of sugar and spice and everything nice.  Blossom is the leader, Buttercup kicks butt, and Bubbles is the cute one.  The girls use their powers for good as they protect the city of Townsville from ferocious monsters and evil doers alike.  Professor Utronium is the girl’s father and mentor, while the mayor sends them out on all their crazy missions to save the city from all kinds of ‘certain perils.’


The animated series ran for a surprising 78 episodes, which surmounted to a total of 6 seasons.  The first two seasons are undeniably better than the rest, but throughout all six seasons there never seemed to be a lacking of quality.  The plots were solid, but never demanded too much attention from the audience.  Being a mostly child oriented series (save a few references they would never get) the viewer could walk into any given episode and never feel lost as to what is going.  For that matter, you could walk into the middle of an episode and know what is going on; little super powered girls are fighting bad guys, end of story.


Each episode features the girls fighting a new villain or perhaps one of the many villains that keep returning to reap havoc.  That is not to say the series was stale or uninventive.  The girls always seem to get a new life lesson each episode and many times the episodes used creative filming/animating techniques to propel that episode and the entire series to the next level.  Whether it was a unique ‘camera slow down shot’ or the story told from multiple perspectives or even an all villain centered episode; The Powerpuff Girls tried out many different modes of animated styles to keep it fresh and the kids on the edge of their couches.  The best and my favorite episode had to be the insanely bizarre ‘Rock Opera’ episode, where an all singing cast battled it out like an unusual twist on Tommy or something.  In the end, what can be said is that though The Powerpuff Girls is not a work of art, it is fun from beginning to end with its light sense of humor and girl power aura that gives even the smallest child a dose of superhero goodness…and spice.


The bubbly technical features don’t blossom into anything amazing, but they might build you up more than me…buttercup.  The picture is presented in a clean, crisp, and brightly colored Full Screen that only improves with time.  The earlier episodes tend to be dull, especially when compared side-by-side with the later seasons.  The later seasons are exquisite with vivid colors and deep inky blacks; heightening the actions sequences and making the whole series look like a piece of crisp visual art.  The sound is adequate at best in its Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track and does not do the series justice.  The sound presentation is clean, strong, and gives a pristine dialogue track, but often times the action noises seem overly subdued and take away from what is going on in that episode.


The extras are not very stimulating, but do offer a number of features to look at.


Season One:

The Powerpuff Patrol

The Whoopass Girls: A Sticky Situation! (Full Color & Pencil Test)

Whoopass Stew Animatics

Crime 101

Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins

CNN Shorts Interview with Craig McCracken, Show Creator

Space Ghost Coast to Coast World Premiere Toon In

Raw Interview with Craig from World Premiere Toon In


The extras presented on the first disc (Season One) are not overly exciting, but are nice to have for the animation library.  First up is The Power Puff Patrol, which is an early promo that was never released before.  Other extras include early Powerpuff Girls Animatics (previously the Whoopass Girls), McCrackens first full color episode of the Whoopass Girls, the two episodes that were pitched to the network, an interview with McCracken that is pretty goofy and fun, and two other nostalgic pieces that include a CNN report on the early days of Cartoon Network’s animation and Space Ghost premiering The Powerpuff Girls.


Season Two:


Anger Management

Mojo Commentary- Slumbering with the Enemy

Mayor Commentary- Something’s a Ms.

Mojo Jojo’s Evil Bio

Mayor’s Welcome

Show & Tell- Blossom

Show & Tell- Buttercup

Show & Tell- Bubbles


This season features a pair of promos with Staylongers and Anger Management, as well as two commentary tracks.  The problem with the commentary tracks are that they are done IN CHARACTER by the Mayor and Mojo Jojo; making for a cute, but not so exhilarating experience.  There are also bios on Mojo Jojo and the Mayor that are not very good, but informative for the series characters.  The three final and new additions (not previously seen) are the three girls in three separate features doing “Show and Tell” about themselves. The three features are cute, but I asked myself in the end “who cares?”


Season Three:

Shonen Knife- I’m a Super Girl

Apples in Stereo- Signal in the Sky (Let’s Go!)



The extras here are two music videos that are rather catchy songs, but not very good videos; though Apples in Stereo does use a nice mesh of music and monsters.  Reflections is just a Cartoon Network promo that placed the cartoon girls into a reality situation.


Season Four:

Morning in the Life

Blooper Mayor

Twas the Flight Before Christmas


This season features two more of the ‘reality like’ promo spots from Cartoon Network, but it is the main extra here with the Powerpuff Christmas Special, Twas the Flight Before Christmas (44min), that really makes it worth while.  It had been previously a stand-alone release.


Season Five:


Furniture Spaceman Town

Transylvania Sity

Mitch Rocks #3


Simply just four Cartoon Network promo spots again that are interesting, but have little substance.


Season Six:

Good Car Day

Laundry Day

The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

Craig’s Documentary


The Season Six Disc holds the best extras in the entire set.  First it delivers the traditional ‘who cares’ Cartoon Network promo spots, but then moves in the real ‘meant and potatoes’ by offering a BRAND NEW Powerpuff Girls episode and a 34 minute series documentary with Craig McCracken.  The episode is fresh and feels like the old days of Power Puff Girls as it is filled with great action and a solid storyline.  The documentary covers everything about the series from pig tails to piggy toes on the Power Puff Girls.  McCracken reunites many people who worked on the series to tell how it all came together and also talks about his career and where he has drawn his inspiration and talents.  An excellent way to end the set.



In the end, my main problem with the extras is not in the quantity, but rather in the quality.  There are some real gems mixed into the plethora of extras here, but really there is a lot of junk too.  This is not to say they shouldn’t be there, they most certainly should, because we as fans want a full catalog; but there should also be more new, good features present as well.  There is in addition the issue that there were more commentaries on previous DVD releases that are not found here. So this begs the question, where are they and why aren’t they here?


The Powerpuff Girls is a great series that left at a good time.  The series was still fresh and inventive, but was showing wear.  The girls will always be remembered, because even though their cartoon is gone…there merchandise will be around FOREVER!!



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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