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Blood +: Volume 4 (Sony DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: B-    Extras: D     Episodes: A



Saya Otonashi was an ordinary anemic schoolgirl with amnesia; that is until she discovered she was actually a vampire.  Struggling to find her identity and her place in the world she is suddenly pulled into the secret war between Chiopterans and humans.  She joins the 'Red Shield' along with her adoptive brothers she searches for the truth, along with Hagi her only servant, Saya fights to protect the humans. The key lies within her blood... only she can stop them.
In Volume 4 of Blood +, Saya journeys to Siberia seeking clues to the past.  Saya begins to remember the past, her past with Hagi.  She begins to see the history of human and Chiopterans and begins to understand what her relationship with chevaliers and humans truly is...
Inspired by the hit anime movie and manga, Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood is about a young vampire girl who fights other vampires to protect humanity.  If a single word could sum up about this series, it is then 'epic'.  If you liked the manga or movie, the series is similar in the fact that story has a young vampire girl fighting for humans.  Even though the main character Saya is a vampire who protecting humans, she is treated by the humans as a tool, she begins to have internal conflicts, should she protect humans or should she follow her nature?  What is unique about this version is it takes various settings, legends, folklore and takes the viewer all over the world.  With beautiful scenes and character designs Blood + was a great anime to watch.
If you like vampires, sword swinging action this anime series is loaded.  What is interesting about this series is that it connects various vampire legends.  With interesting and creative characters you can get anything from army commandos to school teachers.  The story takes the idea from the original Blood and turns it into a world wide conflict where both human, vampire or multiple organizations are trying to create vampire soldiers, but the future lies with the Mary Sue character Saya who is in conflict to save humans or to embrace her nature, she either the vampires savior or their destroyer...
Episode 16: Siberian Express

Saya journeys north on rumors of vampires, but they haven't been seen for years. But then it is no ordinary train ride...
Episode 17: Do You Remember the Promise?

After being thrown from the train in battle Saya recalls a past life with Hagi, in a mysterious village a young girl takes Saya and Hagi in.
Episode 18: Moon Over Ekaterinburg

David and Kai investigate scientists who were involved in the Chiropteran research, in an old abandoned nuclear power plant, what secrets lied buried there?
Episode 19: Broken Heart

When Saya is manipulated by an imposter, she is forced to face that even thought she isn't human, is she fighting on the right side? Isn't she more akin to the Chiropterans?
Episode 20: Chevalier

As Diva's Chevaliers plan for the next plan of attack, a new group Chiropterans appears, the Schiff.  Who are they and what is everyone's objective?



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-   Ricky Chiang


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