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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Teens > African American > Antwone Fisher + Drumline (Fox Blu-rays)

Antwone Fisher + Drumline (Fox Blu-rays)


Picture: A-†††† Sound: A-†††† Extras: B †††Films: B+/B



Having already covered the exceptionally good Antwone Fisher on DVD, you can read about it below, we are delighted to finally have our hands on the superior version of the film on Blu-ray. Our opinion of the film has not changed at all since itís first review; in fact our appreciation of the film has only grown stronger as intelligent and heart-warming films like this are few and far between.With the dry spell of solid films continuing over the past few years, itís refreshing to revisit a film of this caliber.


Likewise another strong contender from 2002 was Drumline starring Nick Cannon, who has fallen off the map quite a bit since itís release, even Mariah Carey couldnít save that!Itís interesting how much has actually changed since Drumline was released in 2002, most predominately the school systems trying to eliminate music programs.Even this film, despite itís clichťs, still manages to execute the powerful message that music unites people together, inspires, and prevails.Itís a story of a young man named Devon (Cannon) who is a gifted drummer from Harlem that gets a full ride scholarship to Atlanta University.He hopes and dreams of becoming part of the schools infamous drumline and while he has talent, he lacks discipline, but with some help from his dedicated band director his character is sharpened and the school makes their way to the regions most prolific competition with $100,000 on the line.


Both films arrive to Blu-ray is stunning glory and demonstrate the best that Blu-ray has to offer.Both films were shot in scope and are presented in the 2.35 X 1 framing with 1080p High Definition transfers that look vastly superior to the DVD standard definition offerings.Antwone Fisher in particular has a very natural palette of colors with solid refinement and definition throughout and the film now looks sharp, crisp, and detailed, which is a great thing considering how soft the DVD looks by comparison.Skin tones look astonishing and dark scenes hold detail very well.Drumline has a completely different art direction altogether with more vibrant colors that jump off the screen, in particular are the bright blues and warm yellows that leap out at you.Again, detail is sharp and looks magnificent and in both cases these transfers help bring a life-like image that has never before been seen at home.


Sound is also impressive on both films with each film getting a DTS-HD master audio 5.1 mix that demonstrates some superb audio mixing and resolution.Drumline features a score where music is the most important element throughout and the mix here delivers some serious punch.Also impressive though is that during the outdoor scenes we get a real sense of the life-like acoustics and/or reverb when applicable and the surrounds give us the necessary ambience to draw us in.Antwone Fisher is far more dialogue-heavy, but still an inspiring mix with a sweeping score that flushes through the HD audio mix like never before.


The extras for Antwone Fisher are more publicity than anything else, but the film does feature a commentary track by actor/director Denzel Washington, plus the Ďinside lookí type of featurettes that were part of the DVD package. Drumline features audio commentary by director Charles Stone III, plus three featurettes that break down the films various aspects from characters, story, and production.Overall nothing spectacular here, but the films speak for themselves.


Both films deserve the accolades for picture and sound and itís good to see two solid films get this type of attention for Blu-ray release.For our original Fisher DVD coverage, try this link:





-†† Nate Goss


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