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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Comedy > Martial Arts > Pucca - Sooga Super Squad (Shout! Factory DVD)

Pucca - Sooga Super Squad (Shout! Factory DVD)

Picture: B     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A



Welcome to the Village of Sooga full of ninjas, noodles, kung-fu, and Pucca. Each day is an action packed adventure, from kung-fu fights, kite flights to zombies, each day is something new.  With super cuteness and superpowered moves, Pucca is constantly after the heart of Garu, her 'ninja-boy'. Along with their friends Abyo and Ching, they use their ancient arts to keep the forces of Tobe and his ninjas and all evil from Sooga Village.
This is a hilarious series, filled with martial arts mayhem and slapstick comedy.  Things are always funnier when you throw in cute ninjas with kung-fu action!  It is funny to watch how everything can be so much more fun when a game of ping pong, or a race become a battle between ninjas, and things really get hairy when Pucca decides to joins the fray.  The characters are all funny and with creative expressions.
This series takes a lot of Asian culture and references and shows what happens when you add superpowered comedy, cuteness, ninjas and martial arts.  Each episode is about 5-7 minutes long and even with no over all plot it was still very enjoyable to sit and just watch.  With combined themes of ninjas, traditional Asian culture and modern pop culture it is a great combination for instant comedy.  I got hooked on this series, with great characters and dialogs, one you start, you always want to watch to the end!
A bonus item for this DVD is a reversible color-your-own-cover and Pucca Animatic sketches.
1) Knock It Off

Master Soo is tired of all the kung-fu and places a ban to all martial arts in the village.
2) Invincible Vengeance

Tobe is tired of being always defeated, so he looks to Master Hiel Kikyu for the ultimate move.
3) Sooga Super Squad

Master Soo's evil brother threaten to destroy Sooga Village, it is up to Pucca and company to stop him!
4) Striking Out

Tobe fires his ninja minons and they go looking for new jobs.
5) Datin' and Dumplings

Pucca's uncles fall in love when the new girl Kua steps into town, things start heating up.
6) Surf Ninjas

The entire Sooga Village is at the beach, surfs up for the best ninja!
7) Ping Pong Pucca

The annual ping pong tournaments on, with a crazy martial arts who will take home the prize?
8) Let's Go Fly a Ninja

Everyone is kite flying, but Garu and Tobe are kite fighting... who has the best kite?
9) The Sooga Showdown

It's a cart race, but Tobe has a few tricks in store for Garu to take the win.
10) Tokyo a Go-Go

Pucca, Garu, Abayo and Ching take a trip into Tokyo and give the city a whirl.
11) Up From the Depths

Garu and Abayo goes fishing, but what do they do when fish starts fishing for them?
12) Gold Medal Garu

Garu and company are in the ancient games and shoot for the gold.
13) Autograph This!

As Garu and Tobe battle it out for a ticket, Pucca battles Master Hiel Kikyu for his autograph.



The technical performance is the same and at the same level as the previous Pucca DVDs covered, which you can read more about at this link:





-   Ricky Chiang


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