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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Comedy > Dinosaur King - Downtown Showdown (Animation/Shout! Factory DVD)

Dinosaur King - Downtown Showdown (Animation/Shout! Factory DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A



A blast from the past is back!  Dinosaurs!  Collect them with the D-team, Max, Zoe and Rex as they continue their race against Alpha Gang.  With powerful dinosaur cards, each card releases a powerful dinosaur.  With each new dinosaur it's a race, whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs, and whoever control the dinosaurs may control the world!
A simple, yet cute series (what kid doesn’t like dinosaurs?) that is not only a card game, but Dinosaur King has a video game for the Nintendo DS as well.  Dinosaur King’s plot isn't as much fighting to save the world, but more stopping either rampaging dinosaurs or stopping the Alpha Gang (who really do want to control the world) from getting the dinosaurs. With the power of friendship and their dinosaurs D-team will somehow usually come out on top.
Another game based/card game series it wasn't half bad for the series.  It was easy to understand how the battle mechanics worked and was still enjoyable, usually with game related anime the battle rules can get complex. The CGI dinosaurs the cobat battles were better animated than I thought; they were cool to watch, like dinosaurs with super/elemental powers.
The team characters remind me a lot of the characters from team series such as Yugioh or Pokemon, a leader, his best friend, and a girl teaming up together to fight the evil doers.  Also with adding to the cuteness is the dinosaurs had 2 forms, one when they are battling and one when they aren't battling a 'cute' little baby dinosaur form.... if nothing else this series certainly teaches the viewers a lot the dinosaur names.
Don't Mess With Maiasaura
While mom is out of town the boys will play, unfortunately for Zoe she has to clean up after them.  But suddenly a new momma dinosaur appears in the Alps it's not only a race against the Alpha team, but they must deal with an angry momma dinosaur!
A Game Showdown
The team appears on a popular game show to win the golden Triceratops and a million dollars in dino trivia show.  But things start to get even hairier when a real dinosaur appears.  Lights, camera, action!
Maui Owie!
Max, Zoe and Rex head for the latest dinosaur sighting, Hawaii!  Not only a chance to get a new dinosaur friend, but a chance to get some R&R.
Dino Snore!
Max and Rex get into a fight over who is too sensitive or dim witted, but their fight is cut short when a new dinosaur appears in the subways, can D-team pull it together and work together before Alpha Gang gets to the new dinosaur?
Downtown Runaround
Zoe drags the boys shopping downtown to look for a new scarf for Reese.  But suddenly they come across a large pile of dinosaur card as well at the Alpha Gang at the same time.  It's first come first serve!



-   Ricky Chiang


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