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The Gregory Peck Collection (Trailers)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Trailers: B



When the tribute for Gregory Peck came up in the recent Academy Awards (76th Annual/2004), the president of the entire organization could not keep his composure when doing the tribute.  It was one of the few moments of the night worthy of the greatness honoring cinema offers.  Anyone who knew and loved Peck’s work could relate.


Peck was an actor who had a career that went on for over half a century and never missed a beat.  He never sold out and few actors ever had or will have the series of memorable performances and unforgettable classics he appeared in.  The 36 clips include:


Valley Of Decision

Spellbound (1944)

The Yearling

Duel In The Sun

Gentleman’s Agreement

Paradine Case

Twelve O’clock High

The Gunfighter

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Only The Valiant

David & Bathsheba

Snows Of Kilimanjaro

Roman Holiday

Night People

Man In The Grey Flannel Suit

Moby Dick (1956, John Huston)

Designing Woman

The Bravados

Pork Chop Hill

On The Beach

The Guns Of Navarone

Cape Fear (1962 only)

How The West Was Won

To Kill A Mockingbird

Captain Newman, M.D.

Behold A Pale Horse



Mackenna’s Gold

The Chairman


I Walk The Line

Billy Two Hats

The Omen (1976)


The Boys From Brazil


As was the case before, it is a very well-rounded set of clips, with the few absentee film trailers being the likes of Days Of Glory, World In His Arms, Great Sinner, Yellow Sky, The Purple Plain, and The Sea Wolves.  Also as before in the James Coburn and Charles Bronson sets, we ask why are so many of these films NOT on DVD?  Even with a DVD boom that has been going on for years, 1,000s of great and interesting films STILL are not available, especially with major stars.  It is unbelievable and we can only hope Passport will continue to issue these sets until al of the films themselves are finally fixed up and freed from the vaults for new generations to enjoy.


The image quality is again above average at best, with many of the latter clips being letterboxed or semi-letterboxed.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono throughout fares the same way again, but this is good for such a collection.  Too many of Peck’s works have been forgotten, including influential films like Arabesque, still not on DVD to this day.  Collections like this could even up the requests for some great films, so check all of them out.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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