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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Science Fiction > The Matrix 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (1999/Warner Blu-ray)

The Matrix 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (1999/Warner Blu-ray)


Picture: A- Sound: A- Extras: B+ Film: A-



In 1999, The Wachowski Brothers raised the bar for the Hollywood action film and Sci-Fi genres, derivative as it was. What they created was a story that combined action, style, fantasy, religion, and pure entertainment. It is hard to deny the impact the movie had. The Matrix is arguably the most influential film of recent memory. C.G.I. was still a moderately used tool, but with all the groundbreaking effects perfected here, it became a must for Hollywood blockbusters post The Matrix and movie-making it self changed drastically. The Matrix was a pure reminder of how fun it can be to just sit back and be entertained. Now 10 years and 2 sequels later, how does The Matrix still hold up? Perfectly.


We previously reviewed the trilogy at the following links in both the defunct HD-DVD format and Blu-ray format as follows:


Blu-ray Ultimate Collection with Animatrix







It is still just as much fun now. The story is a well crafted, visually stunning Sci-Fi epic that hits all the right notes and what better way is there to watch it then on Blu-ray? The 10th anniversary edition Blu-ray comes only months after the release of the entire trilogy in Blu-ray above, but this new edition is good for those who did not like the sequels.

The picture is amazing in 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition widescreen and is definitely one of the best looking Blu-rays to date. However, the anniversary edition is the duplicate of The Ultimate Collection. It offers no adjustments to the few shots of grain we see, which is a very small complaint to an almost perfect transfer. The sound is just as amazing. The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 explodes out of the least used of speakers. It has great clarity and only could be improved by having a state of the art sound system. Once again this is the same as The Ultimate Collection, so no one has to think this is substandard or less than the previous release in quality.

The extras on here are impressive, but yet again, nothing new is on this anniversary edition that is not on The Ultimate Collection. With all the extras here, what else could they possibly do though? It would have been nice for something celebrating the 10 years with the actors or by the reclusive Wachowskis, though they have a contract where they do not have to do interviews. The packaging is the only new feature here. The 47 page Blu-ray book is a very nice addition and looks great.

For any Matrix fan, this ultimate edition is the way to go for either the fan of The Matrix and not of its sequels, or for the person that does not want to spend the money on the collection, minor complaints aside this is a must have Blu-ray.

- Nate Rutkus


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