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Felicity (1978/Umbrella Entertainment Region Zero/0/PAL DVD)


Picture: C+†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: C+†††† Film: C+



PLEASE NOTE: This DVD can only be operated on machines capable of playing back DVDs that can handle Region Zero/0/PAL format software and can be ordered from our friends at Umbrella Entertainment at the website address provided at the end of the review.



Of all the softcore exploitation films made to cut into the XXX cycle of the 1970s, some of the films made are so interesting, especially when they come from overseas and John D. Lamondís Felicity (1978) from Australia is a sex comedy that actually works.The title character (Glory Annen) discovers sex and when she does, she cannot stop having it.Instead of being the usual nymphomaniac, she just comically takes advantage of any place she can have sex with men she likes and it is no big deal.


In that respect, it is a throwback to less explicit, pre-Deep Throat XXX fare like The Stewardesses (both covered elsewhere on this site) while still being very much a product of its era and holding up very well to the point that a word like charming can apply.Annen is sexy and the film takes the comparative high road with the material for what you can do with a softcore story.Still, it is formulaic sometimes, but it is the surprises and the way it is handled that make it worth going out of your way for.In addition, Bond Girl Joni Flynn (who would be in Octopussy five years later) is also here, so thatís a plus.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 image is a little soft, which is expected considering the low-budget and age of this independent production, but color can be good and the image consistent.The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is a bit more worn and dated, again an issue with the budget and there is some compression here that might be the Dolby and not the film.Still, beware of volume jumps when switching to another source just in case.Extras include a stills section, original trailer, trailers for other Umbrella releases, an interview with Lamond and feature length audio commentary by Lamond and Annen.



As noted above, you can order this PAL DVD import exclusively from Umbrella at:





-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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