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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Science Fiction > The Devil’s Tomb (2008/Sony DVD)

The Devil’s Tomb (2008/Sony DVD)


Picture: C+    Sound: C+    Extras: C-     Film: C-



Some films think that they can go and take ideas from other films and redo them to “update” or “reimagine” them to “make them better” or show that the idea still works.  Instead of admitting that some films are classics and leave it at that, they will (even sometimes with ambition, sincerity and a decent chunk of money) will do another feature film like one or more previous successes.  In the case of Jason Connery’s The Devil’s Tomb (2008) wants to be Cameron’s Aliens plus Carpenter’s The Thing with a heavy dose of “war porn” that backfires badly.


Cuba Gooding Jr. heads a paramilitary outfit who investigate a missing scientist (Ron Perlman) and where he has gone.  Is it terrorists?  Did he die by accident?  Did he defect?  Was he kidnapped?  Amnesia?  Well, if the first paragraph (or the cover of the DVD case), it is a killer alien.  Yawn.  Despite some energy, this is bad and never works well.  At first, I hoped this might pick up, but I was too optimistic and when it implodes, forget it.  This Tomb should stay buried.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 image is a bit soft throughout, with some of the shots purposely color-gutted.  A few good shots surface, but not enough.  The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is also disappointing, with a lack of soundfield and lame final mix decisions.  Extras include outtakes, a making of featurette, alternate scenes that don’t help and an audio commentary.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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