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Predator 2 (1990/Fox Blu-ray)


Picture: B- ††††Sound: B+ †††Extras: C+ †††Film: C-



The opening scene in Predator 2 (1990) quickly letís us know just how bad the film is, we are flying over a jungle location (which makes us think back to the first film) and then suddenly we see the skyline of a modern day Los Angeles as we fly closer.If this poor attempt at a clever juxtaposition doesnít telegram the tragedy of filmmaking that is about to ensue, nothing will.From there we get a text stating that itís 1997 and the world is at chaos, but nothing could prepare the world for the Predator, which is about to show up on some drug dealers as they are in mid-battle with the police force.


Weíve already covered this mess of a sequel on DVD; you can read about that here.All of the elements that made the first film memorable and become a fan favorite are immediately sucked out of the 2nd installment, including replacing Arnold with a second-rate Danny Glover, who apparently was getting a paycheck between the 2nd and 3rd Lethal Weapon on this dud.


All of the video and sound issues that plagued the various DVD editions are also present on this Blu-ray release, which will likely upset fans who have been hoping for a HD release to correct many of those issues.The first is the 1.85 X 1 AVC @ 35 MBPS High Definition 1080p transfer, which still shows the muggy video playback problems that the DVD had, while the film attempts to have a smoke-filled room quality at times, much like Paul Verhoevenís Robocop made three years prior, the skin tones, grain structure, and color fidelity make this Blu-ray release look more like something youíd see on VHS.Several scenes in particular show poor level of resolution which can be seen on Gloverís face from time to time, grain is almost constantly a problem, and the overall presentation is drab.


The audio quality on the other hand is far more engaging and the DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio lossless mix is incredibly lively and booming, which doesnít mean that it is issue-less.In fact at times it almost seems like the mix is boosted to such a point that it becomes almost annoying and not thrilling like good audio mixes are.The other impression that this gives is that the original mix has been pumped up to a level to impress to the point where itís far too weak to really work well, although some of the gun battles do give the surround illusion that the mix is lively, itís refinement is where the issues really lie.Fans of big booming blasts and just low end presence may feel otherwise, but make no mistake; this is not a good representation of the film.By comparison there is a lossy Dolby Digital Surround mix that when toggled between gives a more accurate presentation of the mix, despite it feeling lower in overall volume and punch.


Extras are the same as the previous DVD that we covered, which with the poor technical qualities on this Blu-ray make it a hard sell from the DVD, in fact, most will await a box set that includes this and perhaps the Alien franchise as well, letís hope they get the video and audio issues resolved by then.



-†† Nate Goss


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