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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Animated > Green Lantern: First Flight (2009/Warner Premiere DVD)

Green Lantern: First Flight (2009/Warner Premiere DVD)


Picture: B     Sound: B-    Extras: B     Animated Feature: A+



Fans of Green Lantern have had plenty to crow about the last two years. DC Comics Emerald Avenger supports two highly successful monthly comic book series and has enjoyed the almost runaway success of massive crossover event Blackest Night. Now Green Lantern finally gets the Bruce Timm treatment, wherein he is made into a simply breath-taking animated feature that synthesizes his mythos into something altogether new and wonderful. Green Lantern: First Flight delivers.


This movie features the Silver Age of Comics Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. His origin is re-told ahead of the opening credits in tidy fashion. Most of the action in this feature takes place in deep space.As a new Green Lantern, a member of a Corps of inter-galactic policemen tasked with keeping order in every sector of the galaxy (there are 3600 of them!), Hal finds himself taken before the enigmatic Guardians on the Green Lantern homeworld/base of Oa. There he becomes the pupil of the Corpsí most successful member, Sinestro. It doesnít take Jordan long to figure out that Sinestro has another agenda, and things move along at a brisk clip from their.


As with all DC animated productions, this feature is loaded with solid voice talent. Christopher Meloni does great work as the brash young Hal Jordan, and Michael Madsen is perfect for the gruff alien Lantern, Kilowog. The animation work in the film also provides some stunning visuals, and comic fans will not be disappointed with the Green Lanternsí use of their vaunted power rings. Giant green boots, slapping hands, closed fists, fly swatters, and various sports implements abound in stunning fight scenes that contain some pretty brutal violence. Parents beware, this feature pulls no punches with a smattering curse words and numerous on-screen deaths.


In a feature filled with so many incredible visuals, one small thing stands out. The design team re-imagined the Weaponers of Qward into one of the creepiest, most sinister alien races this side of the Crab Nebula. Very neat work from Mr. Timm and crew. This feature provides the perfect introduction to the Green Lantern stories and characters for new fans, and offers so much story punch and eye candy for hardcore comic readers that no one will walk away disappointed.



-†† Scott R. Pyle


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