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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Adventure > Superhero > Comedy > Children > Ben 10 Alien Force: Vol 4 (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vol 4 (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: D†††† Episodes: A



Cartoon Network brings back Ben 10, this time grown up, along with Gwen, and Kevin as they face the new thread to humanity, the Highbreed Aliens. Along with his Omnitrix Ben must lead the team against the Aliens. With Grandpa Max gone young Ben becomes the new team leader. As Ben search for the whereabouts of Max. he works with the Plumbers, fights aliens, save the earth, be a teenager AND get his homework on time, talk about being busy!
Get ready for a trio of young heroes fighting to protect Earth from alien invasions. Ben was an ordinary human until he got the Omnitrix, a device that allows him to turn into various Alien races, each form with a different power. Gwen can manipulate energy to form objects, shields or to just blast things away. Kevin (a former nemesis of Ben now reformed) has the ability to become whatever material he touches and he is also the team's tech/to go guy. Asides from fighting aliens, saving the world, and finding Benís grandpa they struggle with being teenagers anywhere from getting a date to dealing with hormones.
This is a series is like a mix of Men in Black (animated version), Teen Titans, and other superheroes all rolled into one, fighting aliens secretly to protect the world, a team of teenagers with special powers, one can't help but note the similarities. Ben change into various aliens as need using various powers to stop the aliens while his friends Gwen and Kevin they support Ben and his crusade against the Highbreed aliens. This series appeals to many different levels aliens, super powers, teenage/high school drama, a good all-arounder animation for both younger viewers and older viewers. It switches often between action and comedy keeps the audience excited as well as amused.

Episode 14: Darkstar Rising
Ben, Gwen and Kevin are in trouble when they are accused of imitating Plumbers and are told they can no longer fight aliens, but it turns out to be a sinister plot for an old nemesis planning to steal their powers.
Episode 15: Alone Together
Ben and a Highbreed are accidentally stranded on a desert planet and must work together to survive to get home, but can they survive each other?
Episode 16: Good Copy, Bad Copy
There seems to be 2 Bens in town, but one is good and one is not. Can Ben ace him in time and study for upcoming exams?
Episode 17: Save the Last Dance
Ben has been blacking out as Big Chill and been eating metal things all over town, can Julie figure out what Big Chillís been up to? Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin get really for their first dance.
Episode 18: Undercover
The team looks for a kidnapped friend, only to suddenly find themselves in the middle of a cloaked city full of aliens, can they save their friend and get out alive?



Picture and sound are about the same as previous volumes and there are more releases to the Ben 10 franchise than this series.You can read more by using our search engine and/or starting at this link:






-†† Ricky Chiang


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