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Category:    Home > Reviews > Music > Rock > Pop > Biography > History > Albums > Under Review series: Mott The Hoople – The Whole Story (w/CD) + Keith Richards + Bruce Springsteen – Road Trip (Music Video Distributors/Chrome Dreams DVDs)

Under Review series: Mott The Hoople – The Whole Story (w/CD) + Keith Richards + Bruce Springsteen – Road Trip (Music Video Distributors/Chrome Dreams DVDs)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras:  C     Main Programs: B/C+/B



Still nowhere to be seen on U.S. television, the Under Review series is the greatest music series you have never seen and over the years, we have been very happy to cover many volumes of the series that covers the artists and their music.  Some volumes cover an entire career, others part of one and then the series turned to specific album releases.  To show you the range, we present three volumes of interest, starting with Mott The Hoople in an expanded edition.


Originally, a single Mott Under Review volume was issued, but Music Video Distributors is always looking for new material and that includes some to enhance the occasional previous release.  The Under Review DVD now includes a bonus CD (51:32 in 8 tracks for 8 different interview segments) and the set has been titled The Whole Story.  The CD may be short, but it is a nice plus and has never been issued before, while the main DVD traces the formation of the group in 1969 to their near break-up before big fan David Bowie arrived and gave them their biggest hit single and one of their biggest albums with All The Young Dudes in 1972, to topping that with their amazing album Mott in 1973 to their eventual decline.  A solid installment, this set is one of the best ones we have covered to date.


Bruce Springsteen – Road Trip: 40 Years Of The Boss is another example of the series, this time, expanding and/or combining previous releases or adding a second DVD with a first one.  The first DVD here is Becoming The Boss, a weak look at his rise to success and one that has no music of his whatsoever, making it middling and for fans only.  We covered the second volume, Tales Of The Working Man: Under Review 1978 – 1982, a while ago.  It is a little better, but not by much.  Here is the link to that coverage:





Finally there is the two-hour Keith Richards DVD that looks at the man outside of The Rolling Stones and of course, in it.  Now, the series has covered the band before, as this solid look at their early years will attest to:





Showing how good this series really is, they make Richards a distinct focus and the result works very well.  We hear the direct influences on Richards from great guitarists in the past and Stones music surfaces here and there, but I like learning more specifically about Richards and the band has so much talent in it, this is not long enough an amount of time to cover everything just on Richards, but this show does a good job.



The 1.33 X 1 image of discs with licensed music is fine and looks like it originates on PAL video, while the Becoming The Boss DVD is softer than the rest.  Editing and footage is as usual, top rate.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo is pretty good throughout, though there are those moments you’ll want to hear the whole song or hear it more clearly, but the licensed music usually sounds really good considering the audio codec.  Extras include contributor bios and quizzes on each release, while Mott adds Kris Needs (founder of their fan club) talking about The Mott Lot, band member Morgan Fisher talks about the band on Mott In America has Super 8mm film footage of their 1974 tour and Richards adds When Kris Met Keith featurette.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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