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Category:    Home > Reviews > Science Fiction > Action > British TV > Primeval Volume Two (2009/Season 3/BBC DVD)

Primeval Volume Two (2009/Season 3/BBC DVD)

Picture: B
-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B+



NOTE: Some cover art misidentified this set as The Complete Series Two, but the first two seasons were on Volume One.


Primeval - Volume Two continues the high-action, sci-fi drama from volume one. Intrepid scholar Nick Cutter (Douglass Henshall) still leads his team of misfit adventurers as they try to study the strange "anomalies" which allow creatures from past and future ages to enter into the modern 21st century world. Developed by some of the principles behind the Walking With Dinosaurs show (reviewed elsewhere on this site), the CGI creature effects in Volume Two are every bit the equal of those seen in Volume One. The actors and crew seem more adept at working in this environment, and sell them even better throughout the new episodes as a result.

This three disc
DVD set features ten pulse-pounding episodes that further explore the mystery of the anomalies, and the sinister plans of Cutter's treacherous wife, Helen (a woman who knows more about the nature of the anomalies than anyone else).  Among the new cast members is Sarah Paige (Laila Rouass), a plucky Egyptologist who helps uncover unique new aspects of the anomalies and how some ancient peoples interacted with them.

Two cements Primeval as a solid second level BBC production--not the equal of Doctor Who or Torchwood, but nonetheless more than the equal of any show one might find on the SyFy Channel or other U.S. network. It's good stuff, and it is supported by a collection of extras and interviews. A documentary entitled "Cutter's Odyssey", another called "Genesis of a Creature", and some audio commentaries comprise these extras.

Science fiction fans (especially those who enjoyed
Volume One) will delight in the continuing adventures of Cutter and his crew. Primeval continues to match excellent human drama with fantastic creatures for maximum effect.



For more on the series, try this link:



- Scott Pyle


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