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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Vol. 5 (Warner DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B



One day when cards came falling out of the sky Dan and his friends picked them up started this new game Bakugan.  But little did they knew the cards held a power from another world... Dan and along with his friends face the mysterious Masquerade, a dark character whom has a sinister plan for all Bakugan players, to send them all to the Doom Dimension!


Dan and the team learns of Masquerade plan to find and unite the Infinity Core with the Ultimate Bakugan, but what they didn't know was that the Bakugan evolved with each battle.  But since the lost of Preyas, Marucho is depressed, Dan wants some payback, it seems the team can't work together.  But when the chips are down will they be able to work together?  Will the lost of a friend tear the rest apart or strengthen their resolve?
From Cartoon Network brings another animation that has a game and characters from another dimension.  The kids who find them invent a game with them, and they play by throw a character and a card.  But as the kids play they discover that it is more than a game, its battle to stop evil forces from destroying both their worlds.  There are generally 2 types of Bakugan characters, generic silent battle type and characters who are able to talk and have a personality.  When a Bakugan loses to an evil character's doom card they are sent to the Doom Dimension, a lot of generic type gets sent there.  As the series progress so does the rules and characters, they become more complex and even evolve.  For those who like card games this is an enjoyable series of battle of wits.  But for non-gamers it's enjoyable to watch a group of friends fight and grow together to save the world.

Episode 18: Evolution Revolution
Marucho and Runo get separated from everyone and discover Masquerade's plot of creating the Ultimate Bakugan, Hydronoid.  Can Dan rescue them in time
Episode 19: Julie Plays "Hard Brawl”
As Marucho copes with the lost of Preyas, Julie must face her long time friend Billy, but will friendship be enough or is victory everything?
Episode 20: A Little Help From My Friends
Shun unable to put up with the teams bickering goes off on his own to fight Masquerade, but then an unlikely person convinces Shun to turn around.
Episode 21: My Good Friend
Dan, Runo and Marucho face their first 3 on 3 battle, but with Preyas is in the hands of the enemy, can they find someway bring him back?



Picture and sound are good for the DVD format and consistent with the previous releases, which you can read more about at this site.



-   Ricky Chiang


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