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GodKiller (Halo 8 DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: C+     Extras: B     Episodes: D



Welcome to the world of Godkiller, in world where there is no god.  In the world of the near future mankind has gone through economic failure, a nuclear holy war and the Earth is colonized by various alien races.  People survive by stealing the flesh, blood, and organs of young and selling them.  Our story is starts with Tommy a boy who needs a heart to save his sister.  He meets Halfpipe an organ-stealing prostitute and begins his journey into dangerous outer city, that Star Killer holds the key to saving his sister.
This a grim story, set in a grimmer world.  That killing is a way of life, but set in a world where moral no longer even exist, one wonders if that is what life is like inside a city, what is life outside a city?  When Tommy discovers the doctor was planning sell off his sister's body for parts he decides to take things into his own hands, but that is until two organ stealing prostitutes come in dissect the doctor before he could.  But what is even crazier is when he decides to follow them into the outer city to save his sister, a young boy's story begins...
This is an 'Illustrated film' a new style of film making a blend of comics, narration, and drama. Based on an actual comic it adds sound effects, music and voices to the characters.  What is interesting is not only the story, but how it is told.  Set in apocalyptic world, it is interesting to see what kind of world is created, many familiar items, people, jobs, but how they are used is fascinating.  It really makes people think if an apocalypse did happen is what the world would look like?  My only complaint was the first episode was too short.  Extras include the first two comics (PDF), and a prequel novel audiobook, Godkiller: Silent War.



-   Ricky Chiang


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