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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Action > Robots > Science Fiction > Transformers – Season Two, Volume One (25th Anniversary Edition/Animation Series/Shout! Factory DVD Set)

Transformers – Season Two, Volume One (25th Anniversary Edition/Animation Series/Shout! Factory DVD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: B



No your eyes aren’t fooling you Transformers has returned to DVD with Season Two, Volume One and the animated series is better than ever.  After countless spin-offs, toys and blockbuster films it is still the original animated series that deserves the most praise.  Not only did Transformers revolution animation in the 1980’s, but it created solid groundwork for future generations to add on to and build off of to create even more exciting projects.  Transformer: Season Two, Volume One is much like the Complete First Season (that was already released) in that it continues to follow the insanely thin (but creative) premise of the Autobots vs. the Decepticons; as they battle it out on modern planet earth.


Transformers was an animated series created for no other reason than to sell toys (tons and tons of toys); so it is not unreasonable to say that the show’s premise did not evolve much with time.  Both Hasbro and the creative entities behind the Transformers animated series (smartly) figured it was easiest and most profitable to stick with a working formula.  The series continued to deliver the same “smash em’ up” action, but this season managed to introduce a host of new supporting characters; obviously with the intention that children would buy the newest toys as well.


This volume release consists of 28 great episodes in their original production order; leaving a total of 21 episodes left for Season Two, Volume 2.  The episodes included on this set are as follows:


1.  Autobot Spike

2.  The Immobilizer

3.  Dinobot Island, Part I

4.  Dinobot Island, Part II

5.  Traitor

6.  Enter the Nightbird

7.  Changing Gear

8.  A Prime Problem

9.  Atlantis, Arise

10. Attack of the Autobots

11. Microbots

12. The Master Builder

13. The Insecticon Syndrome

14. Day of the Machines

15. Megatron’s Master Plan, Part I

16. Megatron’s Master Plan, Part II

17. Auto Berserk

18. City of Steel

19. Desertion of Dinobots, Part I

20. Desertion of Dinobots, Part II

21. Blaster Blues

22. A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court

23. The God Gambit

24. The Core

25. Make Tracks

26. The Autobot Run

27. Golden Lagoon

28. Quest for Survival



The technical features on Transformers are the same as they were in the First Season release; not horrible, but not the best either.  I must say, however, that the series’ technical features have improved greatly over their previous DVD release; getting rid of some but not all of the picture and sound issues.  As previously mentioned, the number of inconsistencies appearing in the form of color mishaps and video discrepancies on original Transformer Series releases angered many fans and Shout! Factory was taking no chances letting fans down this time around.  Whereas the picture and sound are by no means perfect, they are at least an improvement.  The video again is presented in a clean and clear 1.33 X 1 full screen as it was originally aired.  The image has solid colors and better blacks, but dirt and debris still bring down the picture’s quality and fans will notice it.  The sound is a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Mix that gets the job done on both sets; as nothing is fancy but everything can be heard clearly without any additional noise.


Sadly there are no extras on this set, but it is a nice trade off as the set is affordable and hopefully there is more to come.


This is a great and classic series that I highly recommend.  It truly says something about a series when 25 years later brand new audiences are still enjoying it.  There is certainly more than meets the eyes.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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